Slutty Wife Wants Revenge

It all started when my husband and I went to visit my hometown for our high school reunion.  It would be just like old times!  We finally made it there and checked into the nicest hotel there!  I was so horny that the yummy pussy belonging to my husband’s slutty wife was dripping wet and ready to fuck!

So was Bob, and he tackled me and threw me on the bed. Then, to my surprise, Bob grabbed a rope from under the bed and tied my wrists to the bed frame.  After what seemed like forever, he thrusted super hard inside his slutty wife. What if he made a baby inside his slutty, hot wife?

Just as I suspected, Bob didn’t listen to me at all and came right inside my ovulating pussy with his bare cock.  I could feel spurt after spurt jetting deep inside of me, each of his sperm frantically swimming to the egg that his slutty wife had just ovulated moments ago!  I knew that I was going to get pregnant that weekend whether or not I wanted to. 

My silly husband!  Bob is always tricking me into something.  I knew that I had to do something to get back at him to be so naughty and make a baby in me.  But what?  And then, all of a sudden, I had the best idea!

As we fucked again, I used this my time wisely and came up with a plan. He wants a baby really bad, but wouldn’t it be funny if he didn’t know if the baby growing in his slutty wife’s belly was going to be his?

His Dick Was Poking Straight Out!

Bob got closer to me with his dick poking straight out. He then took his dick in his hand and guided it into my hot, steaming cunt. He grabbed my hips and slowly pushed into me. It felt sooo good, and thankfully he didn’t tease me this time.  Soon, he was inside me balls deep! 

He fucked me for about 10 minutes, which was plenty of time to come up with my slutty wife’s revenge plan.  His big hanging balls slapped my ass over and over, and it sounded so sexy!

When he was ready to cum for a second time, he asked me where I wanted him to cum.  I reminded him again that he was inside my pussy completely bare and that I was very fertile.  I also said that he could cum anywhere else he wanted except all over my face.  He knows I hate that! 

I Was So Confused

It wasn’t long before he pulled out and started jerking his cock over me.  “Open your mouth,” he demanded.  This was very confusing because I had just told him not to cum all over my face.  He knows I hate it!

But then I remembered that he never does what his slutty wife asks him to do. And besides, he had tied me up.  There wasn’t anything I could do to stop him.  My silly husband!  

Well, my sexy perverts.  As you know, I’m trying something different.  What did you think about our slutty wife?  Did you like my  College Son Huge Cock  series more?  Let me know in the comments below!

Slutty Wife

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