Slutty Wife Gets Her Revenge!

Finding me sufficiently wet, he impaled me with his glorious man-meat and fucked me so hard! It didn’t take long for him to shoot his copious load deep inside me. It didn’t stay inside for long, though. Soon it was running out of my gaping slutty wife pussy and down my inner thighs.

Hopefully, it was inside long enough. After I recovered from what Cody put me through, I looked up and noticed a few things. Cody was busy putting his dick back in his pants. And Bob was busy stroking his cock from his vantage point halfway across the bar. But you wouldn’t believe what else I saw!

Slutty Wife

Fucking him would have been sufficient.

You would never guess what I saw as I stood at the back of the bar with my husband’s best friend’s cum running out of my well-used pussy. As far as the eye could see (okay, as far as the door to the bar, anyway), there was a line of people waiting their turn with this slutty wife.

It was mostly our male classmates. But there were also a few women, the security guard, both bartenders, and the homeless guy we gave money to on the way in! Really, fucking Bob’s best friend would have been sufficient for my revenge plot. But this was even better!

Math is Hard…

I wasted no time in getting on my knees in front of our calculus teacher, Professor Smith. Bob didn’t know it, but I had already blown him to get a better grade in his class. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his rock hard humongous cock.

His balls were also huge and full and probably contained a gallon of cum (I hoped!) Finally, I wrapped my sexy dick sucking lips around his massive meat pole. I was only able to slide him in and out of my slutty wife mouth a few times when he grabbed my hair and started to face fuck me so hard!

Please don’t cum yet!

Professor Smith knew that he was entitled to use my mouth anytime he wanted. Or, that was the deal I made with him back in college anyway. Soon, Professor Smith’ balls tensed up, and he seemed to be about to cum. Wait! I gurgled around his cock buried in my throat.

Please don’t cum yet! He looked sort of annoyed, but he pulled his long cock out of my esophagus and asked, “why?” Instead of answering, I quickly turned around and bent over the table. And for the second time, I pulled my dress up over my bare ass and presented my slutty wife pussy for him to use.

So squishy…

I reached between my legs and fingered my soaked pussy, and felt cum squishing around my fingers. He then pushed my fingers away, and I heard even more cum squishing as he skewered me with his huge kabab. He pounded away at my hungry cunt, which created a lot of noise when the table repeatedly hit the wall.

This seemed to make the line of people waiting even more excited! “Fill me up with your man-juice!” I begged. And he quickly did just that. He grunted super loudly as a deluge of his brainy math teacher seed overwhelmed my sodden baby chute!

He put his firehose away.

As soon as he came, he put his fire hose away, zipped up, and left without a word. “How courteous of him to hurry up so the next person could get their turn with this slutty wife!” I thought.

Well, my sexy perverts… I gave you a lot of clues to our slutty wife’s revenge plan. Have you figured it out yet?

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Slutty Wife

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