Slutty Wife Gets Her Revenge!

You would never guess what I saw as I stood at the back of the bar with my husband’s best friend’s cum running out of my well-used pussy. As far as the eye could see, there was a line of people waiting their turn with this slutty wife.  

Really, fucking Bob’s best friend would have been sufficient for my revenge plot. But this was even better!  I wasted no time in getting on my knees in front of our calculus teacher, Professor Smith.  Bob didn’t know it, but I had already blown him. 

Slutty Wife

My plot for revenge against my husband was going so well!  But I also was a little irritated. He was enjoying this so much!  He was supposed to get mad and learn his lesson.  Instead, he was standing there watching man after man uses his slutty wife, and he jacked his cock harder and harder.

I didn’t let that bother me, though.  I had a line of people to attend to, and they were getting even more restless! Suddenly I realized that it might be more efficient and more fun for everyone if they could go two at a time. 

Table For One?

So I put two tables together, hopped on, laid down, and spread my legs extra wide.  That way, two of the people in line could use their slutty wife at once.  One on either end. 

When I was all settled on my one-top table, I realized that my sexy red dress was half ripped off and covered in cum.  So, I just ripped it off the rest of the way and laid there completely naked except for my red stiletto heels.  I was ready for my next two guests!

A female classmate and a male classmate approached my new table bed.  I wondered what the woman would want from me.  But I wasn’t in suspense long since she walked right up to my face at the edge of the table. 

I give an excellent hand-job!

“Yes!” I thought.  Slutty wife was going to be eating some pussy!  To my surprise, she climbed up on the table, squatted, and proceeded to grind her pussy on my face.  I stuck out my tongue and started lapping at her clit.  She tasted soooo good! 

Then the male classmate took out his enormous cock and put it in my hand to jerk off until it was hard.  He didn’t have to wait long as I give an excellent hand job.  He then plunged his evening wood into my hot, wet pussy and fucked me really hard. 

I couldn’t help noticing that my cum pocket was so full that it made even more, squishing sounds when a cock went in and out.  What a slutty wife I was! “How awesome is that?” I marveled. When they were done, I was overflowing with cum, and my face was covered in pussy juices. 

Thank u, next

After they put their pants back on, I noticed that they left the bar together even though they didn’t arrive together.  My pussy must be quite the matchmaker, I giggled.  But not for long since the next two were ready for me. 

My sexy perverts… If you’re still reading this, don’t you think that our slutty wife has gone way beyond revenge?  I think our heroine has gotten a little out of control.  But really, what’s a college reunion without one of the alumni setting up a one-woman brothel on a table in their old favorite bar?

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Slutty Wife

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