Slutty Wife Gets Her Revenge!

I slid into the dimly lit booth and Cody sat down very close to me on the same side. Furthermore, I made sure that he knew that he was going to get to fuck me.  Additionally, he probably also sensed that his slutty wife was just using him to get back at his best friend but he didn’t seem to care. Men are so funny when their dicks lead the way!

I didn’t even bother to make conversation. But I did grab his hand and shove it down to my drenched pussy.

Slutty Wife

Cody grinned as he realized that I wasn’t wearing panties and that I was dripping wet. Of course, he wasted no time in fingering my hungry cunt to several shuddering orgasms. Right in the back of the bar. This slutty wife was super loud too!

After I recovered from them, I leaned over to suck his cock. I quickly realized that he already had his cock out and it was hard. Men can be so impatient!

Then I also realized that his throbbing phallus was HUGE and was dripping precum. Unexpectedly, he grabbed my head and started shoving my head up and down.

He made me deepthroat him over and over. And every time his massive cock went down my throat, I gagged on it. I was drooling all over it but he didn’t care and he didn’t stop.

Slutty Wife Loudly Gagging and Slurping

I was sure that everyone in the bar could hear me. I didn’t care if everyone thought I was a slutty wife though! The more people that heard me gagging and slurping on his cock, the better!

And I wanted Bob to know how massive his friend’s cock was. Hopefully he was watching. I peeked around his massive tree trunk of a cock and saw my husband standing and watching his slutty wife. I knew he would be!

Before I could even finish blowing him, Cody dragged me by the hair out of the booth and bent me over the table. He shoved my hot red dress up around my waist and pushed three thick fingers into my drenched pussy.

I started begging him to fuck me with his thick pole but I didn’t have to beg for long. Finding me sufficiently wet, he impaled me with his glorious man-meat and fucked me so hard!

I noticed a few things…

It didn’t take long for him to shoot his copious load deep inside me. It didn’t stay inside for long, though. Soon it was running out of this slutty wife’s gaping pussy and down my inner thighs. Hopefully, it was inside long enough. After I recovered from what Cody put me through, I looked up and noticed a few things.

Cody was busy putting his dick back in his pants. And Bob was busy stroking his cock from his vantage point halfway across the bar. But you wouldn’t believe what else I saw!

Have you guessed?

Well, my sexy perverts… have you figured out our slutty wife’s plan yet? Have you guessed her end game? How she is going to get back at her silly husband Bob?

Let me know in the comments below what you think about our slutty wife.  Did you like my  College Son Huge Cock  series more?

Slutty Wife

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