I tormented Mr. Barnes, my Social Studies teacher, the entire first week of school.

Daily, I flaunted my slutty teenage body by flashing and fingering my pussy in class. Then, one day I handed him panties that I stuffed into my cunt before class, and the next day, slippery pencils that I used to fuck myself. By the end of the week, he had to sit behind his desk to hide the massive bulge that sprang up every time he looked at my slutty teenage body.

I spent the weekend deciding what to do next; torment him more or take him over the line and into the forbidden taboo? I can’t help that I’m a hungry cock loving slut! You guessed it; over the line, it was. However, you cannot control a teacher with a big cock unless you get him to grab your slutty teenage body and stuff it into your underage pussy.

I like putting married men into compromising positions and convincing them to risk everything.

The control is intoxicating.

On Monday morning, I jumped into the shower and shaved. First, I applied thick layers of pineapple-scented lotion all over my slutty teenage body. Then, I put a yellow sundress on and left my panties and bra at home. As a finishing touch, I put my Lovense Lush 2 into my pussy, vibrating on a vacillating cycle.

Once in class, I sat in the front and pulled my dress up. The end of the Lush 2 was dangling from my pussy. I increased the intensity, and it sent cum-ripples throughout my slutty teenage body. Mr. Barnes watched me shudder as the juices flowed down my thighs. The whole class noticed his massive bulge.

When the bell rang, I slowly packed my bookbag.

Once everyone else had left, I told him to be in his office at 4:00 PM to receive his punishment for being naughty. In response, he stared at me with a glazed look on his face.

At the appointed hour, I walked into his office without knocking. Then, I looked at the door and watched him twitch with discomfort. I did not say a word – not one word. I walked forward and pulled the Lovense out of my cunt, and stuck it into my mouth. He watched as I put his family picture in my bookbag and tossed off my sundress.

As he looked at my slutty teenage body, I fingered myself. When he finally tried to touch me, I slapped his face. Eventually, I undid his belt and opened his pants. I pulled down his baggy boxers and looked at his big cock. He started to stroke, and I used his belt to slap his hands. He would have yelped but for the Lovense in his mouth.

I knew that I was not going to fuck him that day.

I could sense he was a pain slut, and I could have sadistic fun with him. Then, I pulled his dingy striped teacher tie from him and tied his hands from behind. He did not resist. Then, I pulled the Lovense from his mouth and stuck it back into my slutty teenage body to get it slimy.

Once slick, I pulled it out and stuck it in his ass with one big push. That done, I sat on his face and masturbated on it while I was whipping his cock with the belt. He took it well, and after about ten minutes, he came just from the abuse, and as cum shot out of his cock, I squirted cunt juice all over his face. Next time, I will tell you about the sadistic fucking I gave him a couple of days later!

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