Slutty Teen Babysitter

As a slutty teen babysitter,  I had a very steady routine around the neighborhood and would babysit almost every day. For the most part, it was easy work. I would get off from school, walk to one of my neighbor’s houses and then babysit while finishing my homework. The pay was decent.  It was even better when I earned the title of  “slutty teen babysitter”!

Stereotypical School Girl

I was in my second year of high school at the time. I had long, tan legs, and beautiful blonde hair. The school I attended had a uniform, so I was your stereotypical school girl.  John was a man who lived about two houses away.  John recently divorced his wife after he came across some homemade porn movies she made with her personal trainer. The two of them had one son together. He was only a few years younger than me but John didn’t like to leave him home alone.

I love babysitting his son…

John’s son and I had a good relationship. We would often sit and do our homework together or turn on a movie until John came home. He shared all of his secrets with me and would come to me for advice about girls that he liked. He was a shy boy, but he loved girls so much. I shared his first kiss with him and we left it at that. I did much more than just kissing his father though.

…and I love his money.

The night I became the slutty teen babysitter was a Friday night. John had asked me to stay late to babysit so that he could go out for a few drinks. He told me that he would pay me good to stay until midnight. I am not one to turn down money, so of course I agreed. His son was pretty worn out after his week in the life of a teenage boy and he went to bed fairly early, so I curled up on the couch and watched a few movies to pass the time. Easy money, right? John came home around 1 in the morning. He stumbled in, drunk and apologetic.

Seducing my first Daddy

I could smell the bourbon on his breath when he slurred his words in the form of a sentence. I helped him over to the couch and sat him down. He fumbled around in his jeans for his wallet to pay me. His body was wobbling and heavy and I felt his whole weight flop onto me as he lost his balance. His head rested on my thighs and I began to rub my fingers through hair. I felt his rough hands travel up my smooth legs and slide in between my thighs. It was as if my body sent him an electric shock and brought him back to life.

I crave that Daddy Dick

He quickly lifted his head and pulled me in for a kiss. I resisted at first, but leaned in to enjoy it. I felt his body work its way on top of mine. His bulge pressed against the inside of my leg.  I craved him. The age difference didn’t bother me when he started to rub my clit through my panties. My legs wrapped around him as he pressed himself into me. My tight teen pussy welcomed his big daddy dick. This is the moment my slutty teen babysitter name came to be.

It was almost as if his cock poured a load of money inside of me. It struck an addiction inside of me and made me crave money for sex. His wallet emptied into my hands and it was like another orgasm!

Babysitting kids, Fucking dads, and Making money

The words quickly spread from John to his friends around the block.  Summer was approaching and every man on the street wanted to hire the slutty teen babysitter. I was offered hundreds of dollars to watch kids at night and receive countless orgasms. This grew my obsession for fucking older men.  I especially loved when their wallets would open for me when my legs opened for them.

Being the slutty teen babysitter was making me so much money, I never wanted it to end.

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