Every one of my friends has a Snapchat. The app has become a bit of an obsession. In fact, it is the perfect way to send nudes or short porn clips to whoever I am seeing that week. I guess you can say I’m sort of a slutty Snapchat teen. At times I’ve made a mistake and sent it to the wrong person. It always ends up being a friend so it is no big deal. Last week though, I made a huge mistake, my sticky fingers hit a recently added contact and you won’t believe who it was!

I was feeling really hot and horny. Everyone had gone to sleep so it was time for me to play with my tight teen pussy. I got completely naked and to make it more fun, I decided to Snapchat my crush. I started taking sexy pictures. The first couple of pictures were just me topless on the bed and that became little videos of me playing with my nipples. Obviously, he soon started sending me pictures of his hard cock and that took me over the edge.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I started sending videos of myself playing with my pussy. Video after video, of me fingering myself, spreading my sweet lips and moaning. I was so into it that I lost track of his replies and just kept sending him more. The grand finale was me cumming, my cunt dripping in juices and then tasting my fingers and smiling at the camera. Then, I checked our conversation and I didn’t send him anything.

He Knows I’m A Slutty Snapchat Teen

I immediately panicked. Who the fuck did I send all those videos to? I looked through my history and I realized I had sent them to my dad. They were all shown to be opened and all I wanted to do was to crawl in a hole and die. How the fuck could I be so careless as to send them to the wrong person? AND TO MY DAD, out of all people. out of all my contacts I sent a hot masturbation video to my dad.

The next morning I didn’t even want to get out of my room.

As I made my way down for breakfast I hoped that in a state of sleepiness, my dad had just forgotten all about it. Oh, I was definitely wrong. Our morning routine went normal and dad didn’t even mention anything. In fact, he didn’t even look at me which at that point I was just hoping it was a good sign. Dad offered to take me cheerleading practice and I knew what was to come.

Dad asked me about the videos and I played dumb and acted as nothing happened.

I watched you played with your cunt, did you think I wouldn’t bring it up?

Dad said. After that, I apologized to him and said I would never do it again, and that’s when dad changed his tone of voice. Dad said he had to punish me. And the only way to punish a little slutty Snapchat teen like me was to tell mom. I begged him to please not tell her. That’s when he agreed that he wouldn’t if every night I sent him more videos of myself. I agreed.

I have been sending him videos of my tight teen pussy for a week now. What do you think Daddy does with them?

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