I’m his slutty slave..and I do whatever he desires.

A slutty slave does exactly what she’s told. And I have a new master who loves to really take advantage of that rule. Of course, he knows I’m a masochist, and he gets off on getting a little mean.. whips, clamps, and everything that comes with it! He loves to make me beg..and it makes my sweet little pussy so fucking wet that I can’t hold it back sometimes. He gets a little mean when it happens too.. loves to tease and edge me, but I’m such a slut! I’m wet at the drop of a pin, soaking wet within seconds of just the right naughty thought, or just the right touch. Drives me completely wild when he starts getting me all worked up, pussy soaking and ready to go flying over the edge..and he won’t let me. He’ll slap my pussy and I’ll squirm under his touch, begging him to let me. He loves to hear me beg, so I make sure I do it very rarely.. but that just makes him work harder for it, and torture me more for it.

What he really loves is getting his slutty slave to start saying humiliating things. He loves it when I call myself a whore, a slut, a filthy cum dumpster just for him.. and sometimes he’ll keep me teetering on the edge of an orgasm, begging him to let me cum, just so he can force me to say something like it. I’ve said all kinds of things and promised them too. He loves those desperate promises. One time he had me so close that I caved in and promised I would let him fuck me anywhere he wanted, anytime, without protesting. I was not allowed to wear any underwear because of this, and I needed to wear either shorts or skirts all week.. Of course, when I agreed to it, I didn’t think he’d be so cruel as to grab the perfect opportunity and fuck me at his friend’s house, when he took a moment to go to the bathroom. Bent right over, skirt raised up, getting fucked like a whore up against the couch armrest.. And to make it worse, he didn’t let me go clean up afterwards.. So of course, I was panicking the whole time, thinking his friend would see the kind of slutty slave that I am, if he caught a glimpse of cum dripping down my leg..♥

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali