Slutty Secretary Christina Fucks And Sucks For A Raise

Slutty Secretary role plays are so hot! From begging not to be fired , to asking for a raise… they always make my pussy drip. I love being used like the bosses cum dumpster. Flaunting my hot body with my tight, low- cut tops making his cock rock hard through every reprimand. I have the highest fuck me pumps and the tiniest, tightest skirts. Who can forget my hot thigh highs with the lace tops and garters? I intentionally slide in between my boss and his desk, bending way over , exposing my tight ass and juicy cunt. I’m using my body to tempt him or change his mind.

 I had a dirty call this morning, where my boss was finally convinced to give me the raise I was asking for. Well, more coerced. My huge tits smothering him, and my slutty secretary cunt spread open for his boss dick sealed the deal. I had been asking for months. He was a very mean boss and told me no. *pouty face* This doesn’t happen often, so I quickly realized that my next move had to be bold. After I locked the door tightly, I hung up his call and pulled off my shirt and bra.

I giggled and taunted him with my HUGE  fucking jugs.

After I sucked him off with a sloppy blow job, he bent me over the desk and rammed me with his cock. I told him to pull my hair back and make me watch him owning me like the fucking cum rag I am. He pumped me over and over while I asked for my raise between moans. He flipped me over on his desk and finished pumping his hot fucking load inside me. I want to hear your perfect slutty secretary fantasy. How do you want me to beg you while I strip down and do whatever it takes?


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