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A slutty school girl is the focus of many horny teen’s high school sex stories and dreams!  Back in high school guys were always looking at the gals.  Most of the time this act of looking was harmless enough.  No one ever got hurt.   Trust me the girls looked at the guys.  We had our favorite hunks to stare at.

My friend Sia came to me one day and told me that a guy was following her and bugging her to no end.  Normally, this would have been seen as a good sign to have a guy’s attention.  It meant a date, perhaps a hot make-out session, and more.  Sia was not ready for such excitement.  Her parents raised her to save her body for marriage.  I respected that.  I had that dream as a little girl, but that didn’t last long.

My friend Caren and I decided to help her. 

We would help lure this guy into an empty classroom after school and tease the heck out of him.  It turns out this guy was on the wrestling team.  I was a bit envious.  What did this guy see in Sia?  Perhaps it was the innocent expression.  When I looked at her skirts, plain black shoes, full-length stockings, and button-up shirt all I could imagine was how to turn a nice girl into a slutty schoolgirl.  My husband now would have loved someone like Sia.

Caren and I approached Jaden and started to flirt with him.  We told Jaden we could totally hook him up with Sia and to meet us after school.  I could see his muscles flexing when we mentioned her name.  I detected the slight raise of his hard cock bulging under his pants.  We set the trap, now all we had to do was wait for Jaden to walk into our trap.

The time finally came and the school emptied of all of its students. 

Jaden was waiting for us.  We informed him that Sia would be meeting us shortly.  We stepped into an empty classroom to await Sia.  Once inside we had Jaden sit down.  It wasn’t hard getting Jaden to talk about girls.  He obviously didn’t care about Sia just wanted to get into her pants.

I lifted my shirt to show Jaden my tits.  His cock bulged in his pants.  His hand went to his crotch and started to squeeze his cock.  I stepped close to him and straddled his lap.  I rubbed his cock through his pants.  He moaned and thrust his torso.  I could feel his rock-hard cock under my ass.

While I distracted him Caren grabbed his arms and tied his hands behind him.  Jaden screamed with frustration and a little fear.  Unzipping Jaden’s fly I took out his cock and squeezed his cock.  Caren and I worked to take his pants down.  Caren and I tied each leg with the same cables that Caren had found in a utility closet.  My hot girlfriend was so good at finding what we needed.

Just then Sia walked in. 

She started to laugh and covered her mouth.  Jaden struggled against his restraints.  We had the power now. Caren tickled his cock with the tips of her fingers.  He tried to fuck her hand.  Droplets of pre-cum appeared on his cock.  Smiling slyly, Caren took her finger and coated the pads with his pre-cum.  She stuffed them into his mouth and made him suck her fingers like a cock.

The three of us took turns humping and stroking Jaden’s cock and balls until he started to whine.  We stopped when it started to get good for him.  I’m sure this is not what Jaden had planned for the afternoon.  At this moment in time, Jaden was our bitch boy, pathetic, and small.  Sia became bolder with every passing minute.

Sia took the reigns like a tigress teasing, rubbing, stroking, pulling, and tying his balls into a tight bundle.  He screamed when she handled his balls.  She took her hand and slapped his balls, then pulled, then tickled, then massaged.  Who was this fierce girl before us?  I had no idea that she would love this tease so much.

Finally, she straddled his lap and rubbed him up and down dry humping his cock. 

He moaned and tried to move.  He looked like a man slut humping up and down.  Jaden begged for release and cried out her name.  As quickly as it started, Sia gave one final thrust with her hips upon his cock and got off his lap.  Jaden looked stunned and utterly horny.  He begged to be allowed to finish.  The three of us giggled and started to leave the classroom.

Out in the fresh open air, we could still hear the screams of Jaden.  Perhaps we’d just let him sit there for a while.  We had a whole new perspective on Sia.  Who would have thought she would love tease and denial so much?

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