Slutty School Girl

It was a day just like any other. I woke up at 8 AM sharp and started my morning routine. First part of my routine was to find my favorite toy and turn on my first porn vid of the day. I always start my mornings with an orgasm! After creaming all over my big dildo and calming my shaking legs, it was time to shower. Then, a lather, rinse, repeat is in order to perfect my flawless glowing look. Finally, I put on my slutty school girl outfit and head to Mr. Hottie’s first period English class.

Mr. Hottie’s real name is Ben, and I have wanted to get in his khaki pants for so long now! The problem with Ben is that he is happily married and barely even notices me. Hard to believe right? I don’t mean to sound cocky, but how can a man like Ben look past the girl sitting in the front row of his class, playing with her pussy? I sit there, day after day, wearing my short skirts and no panties, my low cut tops and no bra, and nothing! What does a slutty school girl have to do to get some of Professor Hottie’s cum?


After being fed up with Ben’s resistance day after day, I finally made my move. I stayed after class and waited for the last person to leave the room before following behind to shut and lock the door. When he heard the click of the lock, a smile grew across Ben’s face. I made my way towards his desk and twirled my hair around my finger tips. This was it. I just needed to get him alone. How can he resist me now? I leaned over the corner of his desk and kissed his cheek. The smile on his face turned to a lip bite and I knew it was on!

I looked at Ben and confessed. 

“Professor…I know you’re married. I know that this is completely against the school rules and that I shouldn’t be here right now.” 

Then, I grabbed his hand and slid it underneath my short skirt.

“But I just can’t help it. I crave you. The thought of you bending me over this desk and fucking me right here, right now, just makes me uncontrollably wet!”

His fingers slid inside of me. I pulled him by his tie and brought him in for an intense make-out and finger-banging session! 

Then, He Stopped.

“Natalie, I want you too. But we can’t do this here. It’s too risky. I could lose my job if the school board finds out that I am having an affair with my student. Why don’t we put a pin in this for now and you can meet me at my house tonight?”

Then we went our separate ways and planned to meet at his house in the evening. Hours passed and I prepped my pussy and body for my sex date! I was so overwhelmed with the thought of fucking my hot professor, I didn’t even think about his wife being home when I went over. That’s where it got really exciting!

Then the Slutty Adventure Began

I knocked on the front door wearing only a little black silk robe and high heels. My appearance went from slutty schoolgirl to expensive escort in the course of only a few hours. To my surprise, Ben’s wife answered the door. She stood there, more elegant and beautiful than I could ever imagine. No wonder Professor Hottie can turn down all of these horny college girls with ease. But then I thought, why am I here?

“You must be Natalie. We are ready for you. Come on in.”

Confused and half-naked, I followed his wife inside and sat awkwardly on the couch while she fetched us a bottle of wine. She came out and followed by her was Ben. Each of them to a seat on either side of me. It was close quarters and nothing I had prepared myself for mentally. Eventually, as we sipped our wine and shared casual conversation things began to feel a little more at ease.

That was until I felt his wife’s hand start to slide up my thigh and gently brush against my pussy lips.

How Slutty can this Slutty School Girl be?

“My husband told me about your pussy and how tight you felt around his fingers. I can’t wait to see him stretch you around his cock. Let’s find out just how slutty this slutty school girl can be!”

Then she moved to the floor in front of me and Ben started to remove my robe. Her hand was still pressed against my pussy and I knew she could feel me growing wetter and wetter. Then Ben started to place kisses all down my neck as her kisses moved up my thighs. I felt her tongue slide between my slit. Finally, her lips wrapped around my clit and had me feeling completely relaxed and excited at the same time. 

The start of an incredibly sexy 3-way!

Ben was already working on taking off his clothes and stripping his wife at the same time. The two of them worked so perfectly and flawlessly, I knew that they must have done this before with some other slutty school girl. I was not opposed to it. Ben slid his cock into my mouth and began to thrust gently. Then, his wife came up to help me suck her husband’s thick cock. 

The two of us sucked and kissed on his cock then on each other. The passion in the room was so heavy. I wanted to go to the bedroom already! Please just fuck me already!

And Then…


PART TWO COMING NEXT WEEK…and you will be too 😉

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