Slutty Pretty HuCow

Phew!  That was a long-ass tale about torturing the boss, wasn’t it? What a little sissy bitch!  I think we’ve all had enough of that for a while. I was thinking of doing something completely different this time when then this wonderful fantasy from one of my favorite clients showed up in my inbox.  Let’s call him Mr. B.  

Mr. B is fun and kinky and sadistic as fuck.  Mr. B is awesome! And he is also, apparently, a really good writer.  This story is in response to a super hot fantasy role play that we had one night involving a human female cow – or HuCow. (Guess who was the Hucow in this role-play LOL…)  In this story, the slutty pretty HuCow was very bad and came without permission. This is the punishment for that infraction. 

So, what the fuck is a Hucow? 

For those who aren’t already a fan of this fairly niche kink, HuCow actually involves several mainstream fetishes and kinks like lactation, dominance, submission, objectification, and impregnation.  Something for everyone!

But that’s enough from me.  On to Mr. B’s fantasy…

“Watching the Game”

So after having had a few get-togethers with my friends, the term “watch the game” has become code for coming to my place as a group to fuck, milk, and humiliate my hot stupid cow!  With your huge aching titis nearly bursting with milk, my friends all watch my slutty pretty HuCow as you put the nipple clamps and weights on yourself. Your hands are shaking because you know the pain is coming. 

We can all see the humiliation in your face as you sink down on all fours. You add weight, wincing each time until your breasts stretch and sink all the way to the floor. Your ass has been cleaned out and is so tight that one can barely get a toothpick in it.  And it’s just waiting to be broken open while those lovely tears stream down your face!

You are wearing a little extra eye makeup just so the mess will be bigger and the pain on your face even more humiliating and delightful to look at. Of course, they bring toys for your mega-tight ass and pussy. They bought some of the toys at the sex shop, others at home depot.

The slutty pretty HuCow spies an extra cock..

After multiple hours of humiliation and torture in ways you previously never imagined, you are a delirious slutty pretty HuCow.  But through the haze, you notice an extra, unfamiliar cock. What you do not know is he is less of a friend than in my inner circle, but had heard of the cow parties. He had seen you with me and, of course, ready to jump at any chance to fuck you. 

So desperate was he to dick down that slutty pretty HuCow pussy that he was willing to pay any admission. It turns out, he just happened to have a hot little teenage daughter, captain of the high school cheerleaders, I think.

So, at the party, I notice you are barely hanging on, delirious with both pleasure and pain and sooo on the edge. You begged to be allowed to cum multiple times over the last few hours, so I signal my new friend who makes a call.  His daughter, who has been waiting outside, rings the bell and comes into the party still dressed in the cute little cheerleader outfit she wore to the game that day. But the cute outfit doesn’t remain for very long.  She tries to exit, but all of the men surround her. 

And then the line starts again…

Her little dress hits the floor as she reveals her hot, tight, and young little body. I go first, followed by my guests, including her father. We each shoot our first load of cum in her pussy, and then the line starts again.  Each of us puts a load in her mouth, and at last, I break open her pretty little ass for all to enjoy!

The best part of the night is a tie between the look on her face when she feels my cock first press against her ass hole realizing what I was about to do, and the tears that stream as her own father added his cum to the mix!

Your slutty pretty HuCow heart is broken. Your punishment for cumming without permission is holding the young girl down and watching all of the seed from the balls of the men you had been servicing – the seed you had been anticipating and craving – disappear into another little whore’s cunt! No cum for Stevie! Poor, poor Stevie!  Next time you will make sure you have permission, no?

Perhaps you should clean her up when we are done with her. Use your tongue.

Understand? slutty pretty HuCow

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