Pantyhose Fetish: slut loves teasing everyone with her sexy stockings

I always loved the way I looked in pantyhose. I didn’t really know so many men had a pantyhose fetish but I love using it against them. Teasing them so badly. Dressing up in some sexy sheer pantyhose, a short shirt, and some sexy high heels. Just casually walking around town you can tell the guys who love it because they never stop staring. Seeing so many big boners it’s so funny to me. Being the ultimate tease knowing they can’t do anything about it. One day I really wanted to be bad.

So I wore some sexy butterfly stockings to the doctor’s office. I have noticed my doctor always was too friendly. I swear one time he took his extra time cuffing my supple breasts during my physical. He was kinda sexy so I never minded. When I got to the office, I checked in on the clipboard and sat down to wait for my turn. The sexy nurse called me to the back to get my vitals and then take me to the exam room. Walking to the room I passed my doctor he took one look at me and he quickly had to adjust himself.

Wow, I knew it, he was one of my pantyhose fetish guys.

Laughing I knew I was gonna have so much fun today. Stripping down in the exam room I decided to leave on my stockings and just take everything else off. He knocked before he came in. Laying on the table with my sexy butterfly stockings legs crossed I looked fucking hot. Trying so hard not to look at me. I could see his hard-on the whole time. Asking him if the stockings were in his way he quickly said no that I could keep them on. I could hear him moaning under his breath every time he touched me.

So I started telling him why these were my favorite pair of pantyhose stockings. How I loved the butterfly and the way they cuffed my ass. Not being to take anymore he grunted I looked down at his pants. Omg, he was cumming right there lol. Quickly getting out of the room. I laughed for the rest of the day. I love going back to him after that day and I made it a point to always wear pantyhose.

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