Slutty Office Secretary

Every good boss needs a slutty office secretary. I always knew I’d make a great one. I started my job earlier this year, and had only been working for two weeks when I noticed my boss staring at me.  At first, I thought he was testing me. Making sure I was doing my job correctly. Then, I began to realize he was watching me for other reasons. How could he not be in awe of me? My short skirts and sheer white blouses were sure to get his attention. I’d catch him biting his lip while he watched me pick things up off the floor or when I would walk out of his office. His growing interest in me was such a turn on. I’ve always loved a man with power.

Office Porn

One day, I was called into his office, and as I walked in he asked me to shut and lock the door behind me. Soft moans coming from his laptop filled the room. I walked over to his desk and leaned onto the back of his shoulders. He was watching slutty college girl porn. I knew he was hinting that young girls like me were his weakness. He slid his hand up my leg and through my skirt to my panties. With a swift turn of his chair, he pulled me into his lap. My legs fell to each side of his. He began to suck on my neck and nibble on the bottoms of my ears. With a soft, raspy voice, he whispered to me,

“You’re going to be my favorite slutty office secretary. Let’s recreate this porno right here in my office.”

Taking Messages and Cock

The warm breath on my ear had gotten me so wet. I was ready to please my man of power any way he wished. He slid off my panties and I hurriedly unbuttoned his pants and took out his huge cock. I lowered my tight, wet pussy onto him and let him fill me completely. He picked me up and bent me over the desk. At that moment the phone rang but he wasn’t finished. He told me to answer and inform the caller that he was in a meeting. Answering the phone, breathy and choking on my moans, I said,

“This is Mr. Bradley’s office. I’m sorry he’s not available to take your call, can I take a message?”

The moment I hung up the phone, he finished so hard inside of me. I had done my job and more during our erotic office adventure. I am such a good slutty office secretary.


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