Being a Slutty Little Teen Pays Off

One of my first jobs was as a server in an upscale restaurant. A lot of the other servers complained about customers but I didn’t. I used my knock out good looks to my advantage by flirting shamelessly with customers and showing off what a slut I was to get really huge tips. Some of those huge tips ended up being from my customers cocks but most were in the form of cold hard cash. Being a slutty little teen really paid off for me. 

I always wore thigh-high stockings under my short black skirt. It was so short it would offer a teasing peek of the lace around my thighs. Men loved it and I loved my tips. 

My Naughtiest Customer

Most men stared and drooled over me and a lot of them asked me out, but only one got extremely handsy, right there in the restaurant. 

He was an older attractive man having dinner with his wife and two kids. We openly flirted and his eyes roamed up and down my tight little body. His wife didn’t seem to notice. At the end of their meal, I began clearing their dishes. I stood close to him as I leaned over the table. I purposely stuck my ass out so he could get a final look and hopefully I’d get a big tip. 

But instead of just getting a peek, he ran his hand up my leg, past the lace trim of my thigh highs. Like a typical slutty little teen, I wasn’t wearing panties, so he got a full grip of my bare ass cheeks then slid a finger inside my wet pussy. I was shocked but admired his boldness. I looked around the table and no one noticed a thing. It actually was a real turn on, it was my first time doing anything sexual in public. So, I took my time clearing the table as his finger slipped in and out of my slippery little twat. 

Hot and Bothered

Eventually, I had to walk away from the table no matter how good it felt. I took the dirty dishes to the kitchen but I was still so hot and bothered. Getting fingered in the middle of the restaurant got me so damn horny. This slutty little teen desperately needed some satisfaction. So, I went into the walk-in cooler, but not to cool off. 

I searched the vegetable bins until I found what I was looking for. A nice thick, long cucumber would do the trick. I placed my foot on a shelf and opened my legs wide. The cucumber easily glided into my wet and ready pussy. It was cold and thick and felt so good going in and out of my tight little twat. I pushed it in faster and twisted it as it went in. I was almost there. Then someone came in! 

Orgasm Interrupted

The Chef, a sexy older man, walked in not noticing me right away and I froze with the cucumber far up my pussy. I thought I was about to be fired. Instead, he asked if I wanted a real cock instead. I took the cucumber out of my twat and said, “Only if it compares to this”. He dropped his pants and had one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. It was already stiff and begging for an emergency cock draining

Of course, we fucked right there. Still, with my leg propped up, he just came over and pounded my little twat into oblivion. He became so addicted to this slutty little teen twat. Wouldn’t you be?


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