Private Slutty Lingerie Show!

Most women don’t go to the mall expecting to put on a sexy slutty lingerie show. We go there to look for clothes, hang out with friends, and shop for holiday bargains. Personally, my favorite type of shopping is for hot sex toys or better yet, a hot guy to bang on the side.

So, this leads me to a story that happened at the mall. Yes, right here at the mall. Jack set up a side business reviewing lingerie and at the same time would get a private slutty lingerie show. He basically needed to lure girls into his studio to try on lingerie and stockings and see how the different brands compared. For their review, they would get to keep the stockings and make some money.

Jack felt so lucky getting to stare at hot girls all day. 

One day he had no luck getting anyone into the studio and he was getting bored. Just then, he saw the hottest mommy and daughter. His jaw dropped they looked so beautiful. They would be the perfect girls to bring in to try on some of the lingerie. Now all he had to do was to convince them to do the review.

First, he went up to them and smiled and complimented mom and daughter on their good looks. While trying to convince them to come into the studio, Jack had a raging hard-on under his pants that he hoped wouldn’t show. He pushed the hard erection down while smiling. They agreed to the review but didn’t realize to get the money and free lingerie they would need to put on a slutty lingerie show. Jack was worried they would change their minds. He couldn’t stop looking at their gorgeous asses and long sexy legs in anticipation of the slutty lingerie show. This mom and daughter duo was so hot!

Let the slutty lingerie show begin!

Once in the studio, he had mom and daughter change into different lingerie pieces. First, he had the daughter come out to see him. The hot daughter was dressed in lacy red lingerie and black silk stockings. Her nipples showed through her top and they were so hard. Jack’s cock almost blew right there. He asked the daughter to pull the straps down to show her tits so he could see how it fit and she complied.

Next, the mom stepped out from behind the curtain. She sported nude stockings and see-through black bra and panties. The mom paraded in front of him. Jack asked them to bend over. They seemed a bit shy doing that so he asked them to spread their legs so he could see how the panties fit. Jack watched as they bent over and started rubbing his cock under the desk. He was so close to cumming.

Finally, the girls asked for their money!

The girls started to protest being there longer than they wanted. Jack begged them to try on one more outfit. The mom wore a sexy black Cammie and panties and the daughter wore a pink Cammie and thong.

Jack asked the mother and daughter if they could adjust their panties. The daughter moaned as the panties felt so good on her shaven pussy. The mother’s nipples started to harden. Over and over Jack had mom and daughter move their panties up and down over their pussies to compare which lingerie set felt better.

Next, he instructed them to bend over again which they did gladly. He could see their pink pussies, so wet and juicy. This time, Jack stepped up behind them and adjusted their panties for them. The mom and daughter started to moan as he rubbed and pulled their panties on their clits and assholes. The two let out gasps as juice stained their panties. After getting the slutty lingerie show he was hoping for, he gave the mom and daughter their free lingerie of choice and some money. After they left, Jack got to keep their panties which were so wet and fresh.

Do you want to hear what this pervert did after the slutty lingerie show? 

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