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There is a big sign posted that asks that patrons keep their voices down. However, you seem to be having problems following instructions, don’t you? Your eyes are sliding up and down my short tight skirt and my low cut silk blouse. Watch my big perky tits bounce as I walk over, bending low over the table that you’re sitting at. Enjoying the view stud? That big bulge in the front of your pants says you definitely are. Since you can’t seem to quit joking around with your buddies, it’s time I take matters into my own hands with a slutty librarian punishment.

Come with me, young man. Enjoy the sight of my tight round ass wiggling back and forth in front of your face, my black stilettos clicking across the floor as I bring you to a private back room. Now, just what sort of slutty librarian punishment do you feel is appropriate for your crime today? Why yes, I did just call myself a slut, what’s your point? I am working here for a reason you know. It’s a very specific reason. I happen to be a cougar, and I’ve found that the library is the perfect place to meet horny young studs, much like yourself.

But, since you can’t seem to follow simple rules, I’m just going to have to teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget. Luckily, there’s nice plush carpeting in this room. Lay back on the floor while I slip out of my panties and lift my skirt up. This slutty librarian punishment is going to involve you having a mouthful of my pussy. Because you can’t exactly be loud if your mouth is busy now, can you?

Let me see you put your tongue to actual good use now, stud.

Take your time and don’t rush. If you do a good job of completing your slutty librarian punishment, I just might let you fuck me. Of course, that also depends on what you’re packing in those pants. Your bulge looks pretty impressive but that remains to be seen. Slide your tongue deep inside my no limits cougar pussy and tongue fuck me, baby. I want to feel your tongue hit that spot that just drives me wild. Make me squirt all over your face and I just might make you squirt deep inside me.

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