When my son was dating his soon-to-be wife, he didn’t know if she would approve of our incest lifestyle. At this point, I knew we needed to show her how normal it is. His sister was already sharing the fun with her entire family. So, maybe some slutty granny fun?

Even though we aren’t sure if she is ready for it, I think it is time. He is explaining the lifestyle and she sees how normal my daughter’s family is, so it must be okay. Still, she isn’t sure. Then, he explains, they can play it by ear after they are married if she prefers.

This helps her to relax and accept our way of life. She is a great girl and so fucking sexy. She is petite with nice big titties and a beautiful bubble butt. To be honest, I am looking forward to playing with her. I want to eat that pussy one day.

She will love some slutty granny fun with me.

Before my son met, Ally, she was pretty vanilla. From what I am being told, she did dabble a bit with lesbian fun in college. However, she didn’t do much else. And, that is how it is with so many people I meet. Lucky for them, I am here to show them a better kinky way to live.

A lot of my friends come out of their shells with me. Probably because I allow them to be their true selves. We delve into the fantasies and help them experience them for the first time. Whether it is at one of my swinger bareback orgy events or the lady’s book club.

It all involves some slutty granny fun. I make sure to show them how the other side lives. And, most of them come back, again and again, to enjoy their naughty fun with me and other open-minded people I hang out with. Once they taste the kinky passion, they crave more.

Therefore, showing my daughter-in-law the fun of our lifestyle is important to me. She knows that my son and I have sex and enjoy pleasuring each other. Now, it is time to include her in that fun. My son, Andrew is ready to bring her into our fun as well.

So, tonight, they are coming over for some hot sex.

Andrew has told her they are coming over for dinner, and possibly more with slutty granny fun. Which she now understands will mean some fooling around. They show up early for dinner and help me do the prep stuff.  Of course, it is nice to chat and discuss her doubts and fears.

Also, it gives me a chance to point out how healthy my son turned out. He is a fantastic man. Not only that, he is successful and lives a normal life around others. I can tell this argument is winning her over. Once we are done with dinner, we sit and talk some more.

Then, my son and I start making out. He is an adult that makes his own decisions. Ally knows this and as we kiss, she is watching closely. My son then kisses her and asks her to kiss me. She is hesitant but then, we kiss passionately. Our slutty granny fun is beginning.

Wait until she sees me fucking her husband.

I can tell she is aroused by that kiss and start touching her body softly.  She is still nervous but is reacting. My son suggests we move to my bedroom and we do. We sit on the bed and the three of us are making out. As we are making out, we are undressing each other.

What a body she has. Of course, I go down to start eating that pussy and love hearing her moan with pleasure. My son fucks her mouth for a bit and then, says he is going to fuck me. As he is behind me, her pussy is even wetter and as he starts fucking me, she cums hard.

We are just starting the fun and she is completely into it. She is going to fit into our incest family quite nicely. And, if you want the rest of the dirty details, call me!