Slutty Girlfriend Strip Show. Bump and Grind with Me!

My boyfriend loves the fact that I’m his slutty girlfriend. I can’t blame him. I’m great at it! Let’s face it, the first time we met I gave him a lap dance and as I was sliding my pussy over his rapidly stiffening cock, I knew exactly what I was getting. We have a great sex life, and when we want to take a vacation, he just calls up some of his Richie Rich friends and invites them to a private show. Yeehaw! At times, it reminds me of giving some sort of visual jerk off instructions. lol. I mean, a girl can get eXXXcited, right? For me, sex and everything it encompasses NEVER gets old!
It’s a whole spectacle with dimmed lights and candles adorning the walls casting shadows everywhere. He hand-picks the music that I’ll shimmy in to, and boy does he picks some sick tunes, like Trey Songz “Panty Droppa”, or Beyonce’s “Dance for You”! He sets the mood perfectly for playtime. So, his pals show up and he explains some rudimentary ground-rules. First, there will be no touching. Second, nothing smaller than $100.00 bills can be used, and finally, the show will be thirty-minutes long. Usually, around six to eight guys are in attendance. So, after they’ve met with me and we’ve had some good weed, and whatever libation they care for. I lead them to the lower-level which is bedecked with comfy chairs, a raised stage with a curtain at the back, and a stripper pole front and center! Just imagine me giving it to you via phone sex!

Tonight, this slutty girlfriend is a schoolgirl; complete with a button-down, white starched blouse, pleated plaid skirt, and white knee-high socks.

The music started and the driving beat was getting them riled up. I sashayed onto the stage unbuttoning my shirt. Revealing my tits in a blood-red La Perla bra, as I slid my little skirt down, down, down revealing no panties at all as I bend to remove it. I love hearing the moans when his nerd friends see my moist, pouty little pussy. So, I begin to dance around the stage. I hear the zippers slide down as they get into the strip show from their best friend’s slutty girlfriend. I’ll soon make them forget they’re even friends, Baby! Now, they only answer TO ME!
I put all this sexy to WORK! Circling my way up, down, and all around that pole, as if it as a big hard cock. Sliding my hand between my legs, I coax my lips open, showing more and more of my slick pussy. While getting my juices flowing onto my fingers and down my thighs and me eyeballing their stiffening dicks in varying sizes. I was really getting into this slutty girlfriend thing with them going crazy over me! I laid down in the hammock at one corner of the stage and hooked my feet into the corners for traction. Then, I started to pump my middle finger in and out of my pretty pink pussy. By now, the lower-level absolutely reeks of sex! My scent, and the musk of a bunch of horny guys. Furthermore, I’m just dying to make them cum. GOD! I LOVE THAT SMELL!

Time for the slutty girlfriend to turn up the heat on this party!

So, that’s when he comes out, naked with his seven-inch long, thicker than normal cock pointing straight ahead of him. Walking over to me, he slides his prick across my mouth, from his purple head, over the ridge, down the shaft until his balls are resting on my mouth. Then, my tongue gets busy, giving his cock a slutty bath with lots of spittle. The more I use, the more I make moan until his dick is dripping. Next, I lick him up, and then slowly, I take his entire cock down my throat. He just loves wrapping his big hand and long fingers around my neck, so he can feel his cock make its descent.
For now, I’ve got three fingers flying hard and deep in and out of my pussy, and my juices are splashing quite freely all over our esteemed guests in the audience. At the same time,  I gobble his cock down my throat, and the sounds of sex are undeniable. Of course,  it cranks me up to an even higher level while watching their turned on faces as they feel my warm goo on their skin. Bobbing my head up and down on his dick, fucking my pussy with my three fingers, and both of us moaning loudly. I take my other hand and deftly I slide a single slippery finger up my boyfriend’s ass. To put it another way, I finger fucked his tiny, tight pucker with everything I had! Then, my slutty girlfriend strip show ended with him shooting a double shot glass full of the best-tasting cum I’ve ever had.

But, a slutty girlfriend won’t just swallow!

Allowing it to dribble down my chin, coating my neck, and shining up my tits. I finish it by smearing his juice over my nipples. I let it trail further down and over my pussy mound, then it flows over my thighs and onto the stage. This slutty girlfriend revels in the power I get to feel at these eXXXtravagant sex shows. In other words, I have the little rich bastards in the palm of my hand and I know exactly what to do with that power!

Knowing that for the night I’ve got EVERY man in the room giving all their gracious attention to me! And, I bring a lot of happiness and relief to my lover’s friends. Of course. I always love sucking his cock, and after our guests leave? We usually fuck like beasts for the next hour, and there is nothing I love more than the feeling of the perfect cock pumping in and out of my pussy. Want to cum to the next show? Call me.

Kiss, kiss.

Just Joey

Slutty Girlfriend