First time sex story: Missionary proves to be the best position for cumming

The first time is a charm. The old famous position. is really one of the best one. I loved doing missionary. It was my favorite first time sex story. Having someone on top deep inside of you maybe even looking into your eyes. While he slides his hands around your throat made for the funniest of times. Know some people say it is boring but they just don’t know how to do it correctly. Especially if the dude is hung. A big cock just going in and out of you while my 36 c breast just keeps bouncing makes for a very amazing time. I remember this one guy that I use to fuck. He was at least 9 and a half inches. I had to lube me up good before we fucked.

I loved stripping naked for him as he stroked his huge thick cock made me wet. Getting on my knees and sucking away at that work of ark cock. Trying to take the whole length in my mouth knowing it was too much. He loved watching me choke on it. Honestly, I loved deep throating it until tears started to form. Cuffing his huge golf like balls as I continued choking on it until he thought it was wet enough. Pushing me on the bed.

Grabbing the lube out of the nightstand. and covering his huge cock with it.

As he slapped it against my pussy. Jumping as he did because it felt so good. Him grabbing my legs as I wrapped them around his waist. He slowly started to go inside of me stretching me so much even with lube it still was a tight fit. I loved feeling it though. Shaking as he got deeper and deeper. He always knew how to make me so moan loud. Thrusting in and out. Picking up the pace of his strokes. He grabbed my hips for balance. It felt extremely good and it didn’t take me long to cum all over his huge cock. I came serval times. Soaking his cock. the more I came the faster he went.

I told him that when he is ready to cum I want it in my mouth. This made him smile and almost immediately he pulled out and came all over my face and into my open mouth. You can see why this became a favorite first time sex story.

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