Sai wanted to be Mr. Wesson Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitting


Sai had been babysitting for the Wessons throughout high school and college. Moreover, she never thought that she would be babysitting still after all this time.   Sai had always had a thing for her employer Jake Wesson, who was sexy, to say the least.  In fact,  he always smelled good and wore expensive suits from Italy, not to mention that he always had a well-defined cock print showing through his pants. Sai could tell that he was well-endowed. Every night she dreamed of being his Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter.

Sai would find herself in compromising situations whenever she was around Mr. Wesson. Being that her employer had been divorced for the past seven years, and had sole custody. Rendering him a sexy single dad and needing help with his three children. There were many, many nights Sai was asked to stay the night. Being so close to Jake always made her have to use her dildo at night, as she closed her eyes and fantasized that he was fucking her hard. Her Fantasies always ended the same. Mr. Wesson moaning and calling her his Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter.


The  Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter couldn’t help thrusting her fingers inside of her pussy


All the young mommies in town wanted her sexy and hot employer, but no one wanted him more than Sai.  The other night she hid and watched him shower.  The  Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter couldn’t help thrusting her fingers inside of her pussy. She was imagining Jake licking her pussy and fucking her.

Sai found herself in a bad situation and therefore needed more money than what she was being paid to babysit for the Wesson children. Thus, leading her to a life of pleasuring high-class men in the evening. Her nighttime job, as an escort helped her maintain her spot in college and also paid for all of her expensive designer clothing. She went by the name “Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter”.

Consequently, During one of Sai’s encounters, she had a special request.  It happened to be a businessman, looking to live out his fantasy with, a hot Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter”.  At the customer’s request, Sai was to wear a black lacey corset with a matching thong and black stockings, nothing more. The client wanted her to undress in front of him slowly.  The Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter, wore a black lace mask to cover the top half of her face.


Your a naughty little whore, aren’t you?


To the Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter’s suprise, the client was none other than her hot and sexy employer, Jake Wesson.  Hence, Sai immediatley felt weak at the knees, when she realized who her client was. Nonetheless, she decided to carry on. After all, he was paying good money.

Jake summoned her to slowly undress in front of him as he drank his scotch and whispered “Your a naughty little whore, aren’t you? Always teasing me with those tight little shorts, bending over right in front of me.. exposing your ass cheeks.  Leaning in so that I can take a nice glimpse of those perky tits. Oh, Sai, I want you to beg me to fuck you, you fucking Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter”.   The sexy young escort began to remove her clothing, slowly, and this time she didn’t even need to act for the part.

Slowly Sai removed all of her clothing and stood there before Mr. Wesson, completely bare. Next, she fell on her knees before her employer. Consequently, unzipping his pants and removing his cock. She then proceeded to French kiss his cock and slowly remove her mask. Exposing her real face to the horny businessman. Truly, he realized that the whore that was sucking his cock was no other than Sai his Slutty Dick Sucking Babysitter.


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