Adriana’s Slutty Confessions

My slutty confessions make Daddy very hard. I know that so now and then I love to tease him by telling him stories of how I fucked a classmate. Last night was no exception, I was really horny and I knew if I told him what I had done before class he would be too. We were watching a movie when I mentioned how much fun I had that day. I knew he was going to ask me about it and without hesitation I let him know in very much detail just how I had seduced a classmate and we ended up having sex in campus.

Of course I didn’t know him that well Daddy, but he was very into me and you know I love feeling want it. We went and sat by some benches no one in campus uses and I told him I want it him to touch me. Right there in public. He slid his hand up my skirt and start playing with my pretty pussy over my panties. I was really soaking wet when I finally slid my hand down his pants to touch his very hard cock.” I said.

I had Daddy’s attention. I told him then how I really want it my classmate inside me and without thinking about it I sat on his lap. Bouncing just a tad bit, just enough for it to feel good and not get caught. That is when Daddy interrupted me. He said didn’t want to hear about it anymore and that I better get on all fours right there on the couch. Daddy didn’t even played with my pretty little pussy, his cock was already really hard and he just pushed inside me in one thrust. He fucked me hard, so hard I felt his balls tapping my clit. While he pounded me, he kept saying he was a real man, and that I can fuck all the other guys at school but no one was going to please me the way he does.

Daddy is right. We came together because I always get what I want.

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