Slutty Clothes Three Way With My Bisexual Boy Toy

Slutty Clothes make you feel like you are ready for some hot cock! Dressing EXACTLY how you want to be treated is the best way to announce to the world that all your holes are ready for pounding and dumping. I tend to wear the tightest, slutty clothes on the daily . When my boy toy was caught in my panties, I was so turned on. The satin felt amazing on his dick, and the way they cradled his balls was so hot! I told him not to be ashamed. He looked so sexy and then I had him get on all fours and stick his ass up in the air.

I told him how hot it felt to be in that position, and he agreed. I reached into the drawer and grabbed the matching nightie. He was a bit apprehensive at first but was easily coaxed into that and some slutty dick sucking shimmery lip gloss. When he was dressed, he was comfortable enough to tell me that he had always fantasized about taking cocks and that he had sucked a few off down at the glory hole wall of the adult bookstore. While he was talking about the details, his cock was rising and stiffening up with every word. I listened as I rolled on his fishnet stockings and laid down beside him.

I felt a little overdressed, so I went to the closet and picked out white lingerie set and started getting it on. My huge tits always poke out of my slutty clothes, and that’s the way I like it! ( I usually get a size smaller just to make sure they really pop out!!)

As we laid there talking about hard cocks, I realized it was time for him to get fucked properly.

I called over my friend  Chad because he loves to dominate sissy boys in hot underwear 😉 I snapped a pic with my cell and sent it over to him. He jumped in the car and was at my house in 7 mins flat. I invited him in and explained that my boy toy wanted a cock to play with. He looked so fucking hot dressed up! When Chad saw him on my bed his cock was rock hard instantly. He wanted to have an anal threesome with us and we got into 69 position.

I took off my boy toys sexy panties and sucked him off and I rolled the lube over his ass pussy. He was dripping precum before Chads thick 7 inches even pushed against his ass. I took my two pointer fingers and held open my sexy boy’s ass. When he felt that thick head enter him, he moaned into my cunt that was riding his face so long and loud it made me cum! He pounded him and I didn’t even get my turn before he blew a hot jizz load into his ass! I was licking every drop out for about 20 mins in my slutty clothes, waiting my turn like a good cougar slut.

Do you dress up? Are you a sexy bi guy who needs some lingerie or some hot cock?

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