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We had been married for several years before I started noticing little things like how she dressed and who she was calling her friends. For instance, she started wearing clothes that showed more cleavage. She wanted a boob job so we enhanced her tits. Her skirts got shorter and she began to work out with a trainer. He was a big black man who she insisted on seeing every day before work.

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I placed cameras all over the house.

It was at that moment that she decided she did not care if I knew she was being a slutty cheating wife. What came next was completely shocking but utterly thrilling. I placed cameras all over the house. They were hidden very well like within the smoke detectors and lamp bases. Every day when I would leave for work she would fuck a different guy. She would often come home during the middle of the day bringing men to fuck in our house.

I knew she was cheating but my slutty cheating wife was a bigger whore than I could have ever imagined. Of course, I did not say anything to her because I was so turned on by the fact that all of the cocks were tearing up her slutty cheating wife pussy.  Of course, I could never tell her how much it turned me on to watch.

One day I came home and surprised her in the bed with Marcus her trainer. Looking at his massive black shoulders I could see why she had been fucking him for so long. When I walked in she was riding his cock with her head thrown back. I stood in the doorway and watched. After a few moments with my cock throbbing, she turned and saw me. She had just made Marcus cum inside her. She stood and walked up to me in all her naked sweat glistening body. Good your home now come to eat this big creampie. I just know you are going to love it, she smiled.

I tasted him on my lips.

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I reached and pulled his soft cock straight into my mouth. My slutty cheating wife did not show surprise only encouragement. she knelt beside me and watched me devouring that huge black cock. In fact, she began to join me and with both of our tongues on his massive cock he was soon hard and ready all over again!

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