Slutty Aunt Throws Fourth of July Barbecue

Every year my family throws a huge barbecue for the Fourth of July. This year that party fell on my aunt and uncle. My super slutty aunt really knows how to throw a party! She is definitely an overachiever when it comes to preparing big family events. We weren’t expecting the outcome this year to be so small. The only people who showed up were me, my cousins, Jack and Lisa, and then my Aunt and Uncle of course. However, that was still enough people for my aunt to turn our Fourth of July barbecue into a family fuck fest!

Drinks in the Pool

While my uncle stood over the grill in his all-American barbecue outfit, my cousins and I went for a dip in the pool. My Aunt made us all some drinks and stepped inside to put on her swimwear. She came out in a red, white and blue bikini. Her body was tanned and toned, and my uncle sported his boner through his shorts while his eyes scanned her body up and down. My cousins and I giggled and whispered at his inability to hide his arousal. None of us knew how small my uncle’s cock really was until that moment.

Uncle has a tiny penis *hehe*

My aunt overheard our laughter and joined in on my uncle’s humiliation. She told us about how he can never make her cum and how his fingers go deeper than his cock ever could. Then, she joked about being the real man in the house and how much bigger her cock was. We brushed off her joke, not fully understanding what she meant. Little did my cousins and I know that with her joke, she was leading up to our big family fuck fest soon to come.

Dom/Sub, Auntie/Uncle

As we all sit down to eat, my cousins and I notice how my uncle treats my aunt. He pulls out her chair, serves her the plate of food that he cooked and cleans her face as she eats. As a collective, we all thought this was true love and it showed how much of a gentleman he was. But, my aunt’s words lingered in my head as I watched. She told us that she was the man of the house but what I really think she meant was that, she is the dominant of the household, making my uncle her submissive.

Naughty Aunt makes her move

I felt the barbecue sauce drip from my lips to my tits and my aunt immediately jumped up. She quickly rushed me to the bathroom to clean me, but I knew she had another reason for her urgency. She told me that she knew I understood her joke. As she wiped my tits clean, she pressed her body against mine. I felt her warm breath on my neck as she slid her fingers up my thighs. Her soft touch felt so good.  I spread my legs to feel more. Then, my cousin Jack walked in.

Forcing my cousin to watch…

His eyes shot open wide as he tried to shut the door and go back to the table. My aunt pulled him into the bathroom and told him to watch. I was sitting on the counter when my aunt approached me.  She slid my bikini bottoms down to my ankles. She pushed my legs apart more aggressive now that I was shy and embarrassed in front of Jack. As she leaned in to lick my pussy, her eyes never left his. My aunt wanted to be certain that my cousin Jack watched my pussy getting wetter and wetter

Let the family fuck fest begin!

Then, as my pussy was dripping wet, she took us both by the hand and led us into her bedroom. She pushed me back onto her bed and told Jack to taste me. Her planned family fuck fest was beginning. I had no doubt Lisa would come looking for us soon after we had been gone for so long. It wasn’t only her who found Jack smothered by my pussy, but my uncle as well. My aunt took charge and started to undress Lisa without hesitation. My uncle didn’t look surprised at all, but instead sat back in his chair and put his hand down his shorts. Lisa was led over to the bed and placed on top of me. Her pussy hovered over my face as my aunt started to take off Jack’s swim trunks.

Domination with Cuckold

She loudly exclaimed to my uncle about how big Jack’s cock was. She took Jack into her mouth, not breaking eye contact with my uncle. I see now that her family fuck fest was purely a cuckold set up to please her domineering needs. My uncle sat back and rubbed his small cock to the sight of us all being pleased by Jack. Then, after each of us girls had taken Jack’s cock inside of us, my aunt led Jack over to my uncle. She forced my uncle’s mouth open wide and stroked Jack off until he came inside of it. When the warm cum hit my uncle’s tongue, his body collapsed in an overwhelming orgasm.

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