Sluts seriously make my day!

But does that surprise you, when I have so many amazing ones to choose from? Don’t mistake my meaning. I don’t mean girls that dress trashy to get male attention. I love them too, just not who I mean right now. But, I mean the born sluts that don’t even let the fact that they were born with a penis keep them from their love of a mouth full of cock! Was going to make this an ode to my favorite slut, but I just can’t decide on just one! I have two that are absolutely amazing.

One, we’ll call Tabitha Toiletpaper. I never know when this little dick lover will pop up but when she does, its guaranteed that we’ll have a good time! She is so much fun. She revels in my telling her what a whore she is and then repeats what I tell her to at the top of her lungs in her squeaky little “fuck-me-football-team” voice of hers. I have never met such a lusty slut ready to fulfill any request! And its a damn good thing she likes being laughed at, because when its Tabitha Toiletpaper play time, I just can’t keep my giggles to myself.

My other noteworthy slut.

Well we’ll just call her “S”. It’s always a pleasure to see that screen name pop up on my screen. The reason “S” is special is because she is an anything goes whore that likes to dress up in lingerie, a blonde wig, make up, thigh highs and heels to invite random dudes over for a session of “fuck my face” and so far there isn’t a cock she can’t go all the way down on! It’s so satisfying when after a bout of deep throating, she turns around to present her boy pussy for ravaging. By that time she is always begging pretty for it. Pleading to be filled just like a dirty whore should! I don’t think I’ve ever met a more cock hungry chicklet! Now all we have to work on is some grace in those heels! Lol

Best Phone Sex!