Oral Sex : Slut learns how to give a blowjob by practicing on her boss

Oral sex makes me so happy. I loved being the naughty babysitter. It always made me so wet I remember babysitting for this one family. The dad was a very sexy man and I was a very horny girl. Always wearing cute little revealing stuff around him. Just thinking about him looking at me made my pussy wet. I had never had oral sex before but I needed to taste him so badly.

I would always come over when his wife wasn’t home. Thinking he would check on to the hints but he never really did. Deciding to take matters into my own hands. One weekend his wife had gone out of town for business. I came over to do my job and to seduce him. Once the kids were asleep. I headed upstairs to his office. He was so nice to me we talked for quite a while about different things.

The more he talked, the wetter I got.

Telling him I had a big crush on a guy but I was too scared to tell that guy. He told me not to be scared that I was very pretty and the guy would probably like me back. I then told him the guy is married. his face gave a shocked looked. I smiled walking over to him. pulling my hair back and got on my knees. He asked me what I was doing but I just started unzipping his pants. Acting like he didn’t want it at first. He told me, no, but he didn’t stop me from pulling his cock out.

Sucking on his cock, he finally gave up and put his head back in pleasure. Sucking on his cock I got faster and faster. making him moan so loudly. Pulling out his balls so I could play with them. They were so tight. knowing he was gonna bust his load soon. I was so ready to have his cum spray all over me. It what I’ve been waiting for. Doing the hand and mouth combo that was making him scream. He pushed my head away. Opening wide and stuck my tongue out while his hot cum landed all over my face and mouth. Swallowing it all. He tasted so yummy. This how oral sex became my favorite thing to do.

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