Sloppy Drunk Fuck is Always an Awesome Time to Me

Sloppy drunk fuck has no art to it. Mr.A always call me around 2 am. He is always a lovely combination of seductive, drunk, and horny. So, you know that combo would have any girls juices flowing. Mr. A called on me this time with one request: share a drink with him. I wasn’t too sure if was a good idea then after some coaxing from Mr.A I said fuck it. I went into my kitchen and poured myself a drink as Mr.A recounted the parts of his night that he could remember. So I laughed when he slurred his words at that right moment for comedic effect. Mr.A is awesome.

Anyway, the more he spoke the more shots I had. I began to feel the alcohol hit me like crashing waves. Before I could say anything I was saucy. Feeling completely nice and relaxed and enjoying Mr.A’s story I asked him if he ever fucked while sloppy drunk. He laughed and said we are about to now. His body crashed into mine as we fell into the bed. We ripped each other’s clothes off gracelessly as our drunk selves try to command some semblance of sexiness but it failed. Our quickly colliding skin, teeth, tits, and chest. We breathed heavy into to one another’s mouths.

I moaned as Mr. A slid his hand into my panties and began rubbing my clit, It felt amazing since my motor skills were numbed all I could feel is the blood rushing to my pussy. I fumbled with his belt buckle and pulled his cock out. Immediately, my mouth met his cock and I began to suck the life out of him. He was delicious- he tasted of vodka sweetness. It was amazing. Seconds later, I don’t know how but his cock found my pussy and gave me the greatest sloppy drunk fuck I ever had.

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