Time to slip into sexy – come explore your kinky cross-dressing fetish with me.   I love dressing men to be perfect little sissy sluts.   It’s one of my specialties.  The ideal mix of domination, humiliation, and sissification phone sex creates the right combination of pleasure.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dress sexy?  Giving in to your kinky fetish desires?  Totally transforming from head to toe in sexy lingerie.  The thought of silky stockings, garters, corsets, and panties in all different shades – covering your body.  Soft to the touch. Sexy to the feel. Taking you from the hectic everyday world to the sensuous carefree world of pleasure.   You know you want it and you can’t resist the temptation.   Give yourself to me – as so many men do each day.   It’s ok to escape from reality for an hour or two.   You should pick one day – just for yourself and escape with me for some kinky fetish phone sex.  Every week I look forward to Thong Thursday. I love my beautiful collection of thong panties.  Black – Red – Pink – Purple – Leopard – Yellow – Green – especially Blue.   I think I own every color of sexy panties.   I never know what color, I am feeling from day today.  All I know is that I feel sexy when I wear them – inside and on the outside.

One day I arrived home from school early to catch my dad dressed in my mom’s sexy lingerie.  At first, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I could tell my dad was a little humiliated and embarrassed.   I reassured him that this would be our little secret – for a small price.    This was the beginning of my reign of power and an adventure of cross-dressing, feminization, forced fem, and sissification my father would never forget.   The afternoons of playful dressing and teasing went on for years. Lots of incest phone sex. How about you? Have you ever been interested in sissification, forced-fem, cross-dressing?   All it takes is a little tease,  a little push to transform you into the perfect little pantie sissy boi.  You know you’ve thought about it – now do something about it.   Let’s go shopping at Victoria Secrets together.   We can pick out the sexiest lingerie to make you feel cumplete.  Do you have a favorite color you would like to wear?  One that makes you feel girlie.  Maybe it’s the texture of Lace – Silk – Satin -Even Cotton. Anything to feel sexy – Maybe I could dress you up and send you off to work for the day.   You could feel so sexy under your man’s clothes.  You know you want it.  You can’t help yourself.

Ready for our private moment?  Slip into your sexy lingerie and slip away into my naughty little world.  Anything goes from me forcing you to dress up, domination, humiliation ( oops did you get caught by your mommy, daughter, wife, or girlfriend – what I will do to you? ) Let’s get our private play or training started.  I’m just a phone call away.

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