Shane was so horny last night, I think my Pantyhose were too much for him and he has a secret fetish. Now I know what to wear on our second date but I think I’ll cut a hole in the crotch to make it even more fun for him.

I wore sheer Pantyhose and a short dress that showed off my legs. I looked so hot and he couldn’t take his eyes off me. He took me dancing after dinner and his hands were all over me as we held each other. His fingers kept sneaking under my dress and I had to smack them away because I have to pretend to be a lady on a first date. Well, until I get horny then that goes to hell but you know, whatever. At least I made an effort.

He drove me back to his place and on the way over there he put his hand on my thigh. He stroked it but it seemed like he was more into the Pantyhose then my soaking wet pussy that was a few inches higher. I let him play until we pulled into the driveway then we went up to the bedroom. We stood in the middle of the room and kissed as we touched each other.

 I undid his pants and kicked off my heels as his hands cupped my ass. I pressed against him and felt him get hard. Then I moved away from him and took my dress off then my bra. I fondled my tits and squeezed my nipples, making them ache. I gasped and slid a hand down to my pussy, stroking it through my Pantyhose and his dick twitched as it got harder.

So I turned around, showing him my perfect ass and bent over.

 I leaned against the mattress with one hand as the other hand started tugging down my Pantyhose. “Keep them on,” he said, sounding desperate and a bit embarrassed so I took my hand away. I looked over my shoulder as he got behind me and put his hands around me, stroking the front of my thighs as his hard dick pressed into my ass.

His fingers dug into me as he moved up and down, the Pantyhose slipping over my skin. He kicked my feet apart and took a handoff me. A second later I felt his dick shoving back and forth just under my pussy. He went faster and I knew he liked how the pantyhose felt on him as it rubbed against his dick. I slowly brought my legs together and gently held his dick between them so he could keep fucking himself on me.

 I looked down and saw his dick popping out of my thighs with every thrust. Pre-cum was dripping out of his head and I could feel him throbbing as he held my hips. He grunted and groaned as he pulled me back on him and my tits swayed as he used me.

My pussy was leaking juices and it was aching bad for dick but there was no way I could stop him now.

 I let my body move as he got closer to losing it and he got rougher, his fingers ripping my Pantyhose. He groaned and shoved his dick between my legs one last time as cum shot out of him.

Cum landed on my pantyhose covered legs and bed in wet splatters. I could feel it soaking into my pantyhose and staining my legs as he slid his dick out of me. I still hadn’t gotten laid yet but next time we’re doing it while I wear them and he can fuck me through the hole.

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