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I am at my friend’s house having a girl’s night. Of course, she is a lame-ass and falls asleep quickly. Her man is home and so is her dad. It is a full house. I go ahead and find my way to the couch. I’m so going to use the excuse that I think everyone is asleep while I crawl onto the couch wearing nothing but a g-string and bra. Sleepover Seducing Sex is so going down as her man is the first to walk in on me half naked. My ass is in the air exposed and I act as if I do not even notice that he is staring. I look up and catch his boner at eye level. Looks like we are going to have some fun behind her back, aren’t we? I open my mouth and suck and tug on his cock eagerly.

This cock belongs deep in my throat.

I know she does not take care of it judging by how early her ass goes to bed. My tongue is lathering this dick up and getting it super soaking wet. I so push him back onto the couch after I am so done sucking him off. I straddle his throbbing hard dick and push it right into my pussy, pulling my panties aside.

His cock is stretching my twat open. My hot little twat bounces up and down on his rod. This Sleepover Seducing Sex is going to make him bust a hot juicy load right inside my tight fuck hole. I am cumming on his cock, and his cock is exploding and erupting inside of me. While I am making sure I milk every drop in me I see someone spying on us. I so look harder and notice it is my friend’s dad.

I hop off his cock and tell him goodnight and quickly confront her daddy.

Upon confronting him, there he is with his ever so big fuck stick also. My fucking thirsty mouth from fucking her man is so dry. I jump down to my hands and knees and take his dick in my throat next. I so fucking love that I am having Sleepover Seducing Sex with her lover and daddy. This is so fucking hot!

I guess they are so mine now since I am going to have both of their juicy fat loads inside of me. Fuck me, I may need to even spend the night tomorrow night also! Before I know it, I am on all fours with my ass in the air and my face down. He is grabbing my waist and fucking his fat daddy dick balls-deep inside of me. “Come on daddy, creampie your load in my sloppy wet pussy also!”

Sleepover Seducing Sex can get so fucking kinky and naughty. Too bad it was not sexy gangbang sex like the other sex I have had. This was amazing though.

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