I love having a Sleepover with friends.

     My friend Allison spent the night at my place. We haven’t seen each other for a while so it was a good chance for us to hang out.  We started our Sleepover by watching a movie.

It was one that we hadn’t seen before and about halfway through there was a very hot sex scene. Awkward!!!

I felt myself getting wet and if Allison hadn’t been sitting beside me I would’ve taken care of myself. Instead I tried to act casual and looked at Allison out of the corner of my eye to see how she was dealing with the awkwardness. From the way she was rubbing her thighs together it was pretty obvious she was getting turned on too.

I wondered just how far she’d be willing to go in order to ease her situation. I decided to be naughty and push things a bit during our Sleepover. Then I began to rub my pussy through my nightie and Allison started to watch me.

I moved so that my back was against the arm rest and she got in a similar position. I lifted my nightie past my hips and spread my pussy lips so she could see how wet I was.

Then I slipped two fingers in and began stroking myself. Allison watched me for a few seconds before giving in and began to stroke her pussy. She watched as I thrust my fingers in and out while my other hand squeezed my breasts. Allison began to pump her fingers faster and began moaning. I wanted to cum with her so I sped up.

Every time I thrust my fingers in I pushed them against my clit. I kept the pace up and came suddenly. A few seconds later I heard Allison cum. I looked at her as I wiped my fingers on my nightie and told her she should visit more often. 

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