I was sleeping when my boyfriend took advantage of me.

I have never let sleeping stop anything. So I told my boyfriend the same thing. If I was asleep and he was in the mood he could play with me. It actually turned me on a lot to have someone playing with me while I was sleeping. It always felt like a dream that turned into reality!

He was really apprehensive about doing it. He said to him it felt like he was raping me. That was another one of my fantasies so who was I to stop him!! But after being together for a while he got more comfortable with the idea. That or he was just really fucking turned on one night while I was sleeping and decided to take me up on my offer.

I was laying in bed sound asleep and started having the most amazing dream. I could feel his fingers inside of me. My pussy became drenched with the proof that I was extremely turned on. In my dream I was grinding my hips as if begging for more. I needed more! I needed to be filled up. And I wasn’t sure if I was still sleeping or not but I felt him pressing inside of me.

His cock was stretching the tight walls of my pussy.

He fucked me harder. His cock slammed into my dripping cunt over and over again. Just as I was about to cum all over his cock I woke up. I can’t even begin to explain the intense feeling of pleasure that came over me when I realized I was being fucked for real. I reached behind me and grabbed onto my boyfriend’s hips and started fucking with him. My pussy began to tighten on his cock as my orgasm took me over. With each spasm of my walls on his dick it brought him closer to his own release.

Finally his cock stiffened and his body tensed as I felt loads of his cum shooting inside of me. It took him long enough to try out fucking me while I was sleeping!! But now that he knew just how hot it was and how turned on I got by it he said he sure as hell wasn’t going to pass up the offer again! Do you like getting woken up to some naughty fun? Or do you like the thrill of fucking a woman while she sleeps? Give me a call!! Let’s play out some naughty scenarios together!

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