A lot of men really like my ass. They like the roundness and the firmness of my shapely butt. Hell, I do too. It’s a big, wide, round, shapely ass with some meat on it. I aint no skinny child but I aint Miss Piggy either. I’m what you call “curvy “.  And a whole lot  of men are really in to big, fat, juicy asses like mine. I think a lot of guys like rubbing my ass because it’s big and bouncy and soft and smooth and something a man’s hands can grab a hold to and ride it all night. The first time a guy slapped me on my ass I almost punched him out. I was like….”What the hell?”  But after the initial shock of it I realized I kind of liked it. How did I know? Well, after he slapped my ass my pussy got juicy. It was like a canon of  something gooey and wet shot out of my crotch when he slapped my big, beautiful, bubble butt. My pussy got aroused. My pussy oozed out some creamy, thick juice that only a good ass whooping can bring out.  And I know the guy  felt  that hot, creamy juice squirt out of me because while I was on top of him riding his cock like a wild bronco …..baby……that dude hollered like a cowboy at a rodeo.  I said to myself, “Hot damn…..that kind of hurt….but damn…..I am wetter than a cum slut right now.”  And when the dude yelled out like he did that really  turned me on.  I didn’t want to punch him out anymore but I wanted him to slap my ass again. So in the midst of the down stroke while I was pounded that rock hard cock I screamed, “Hit me again……Hit me again, baby…..Slap that ASS……slap it.” And he did. He was slapping my ass and I was shooting creamy cum all over his thick hard cock. His dick was so wet with my slippery juice that when he turned me over, spread my butt cheeks wide, it seemed like his cock slid in to my ass hole so smooth. He rammed it all the way up in me and fucked me so hard in my ass that I screamed, “Slap that ass”.  And he did over and over again.  The more he slapped it the wetter my pussy got. He finger fucked me and titty fucked me and ass fucked me until I had no more cum left…..or so I thought.  As I lay there breathless smeared in both our cum I thought I was down for the count. I thought I was all fucked out. I turned over to reach for a cigarette and all of sudden everything changed.  As I was bent over on all fours with my tight, round butt sticking in the air reaching for my pack of Kool Lights the dude I fucking just slapped me on my ass and said, “Are you ready to rock and roll again, Momma?” Then I felt that juicy cream shoot out of my cunt and I was a new woman. I dropped the pack of cigs on the floor, turned around and saw his cock throbbing harder than when we started and I said, “Hell yea, baby”. I straddled that cock and slid down on it and told him, “Now, as long as you  slap  that ass… Momma will ride this cock all night long”.  And he did.   POW, pow, pop, slap, pow.  Slap that ass, baby.