It was one late, unnaturally boring Saturday night when this story happened. Me and my roommate were running out of things to do, our computers couldn’t keep us entertained for long enough, and there were no parties that night.. So with a few drinks and some alcohol-infused bravery, we decided to try our hand at some truth or dare. It started off easy.. I asked her how many guys she’d slept with, she said 3. She asked me the biggest cock I’d ever taken, and I said 8inches…which I’d bumped up a little bit 😉 The biggest I’d taken had been a 7! But hey, who tells the honest truth in truth or dare anyway? The point of it is the dare!
We’d done a few silly dares – the cinnamon challenge, drunk texting your ex some dirty ideas, and even some kissing and wandering hands.. but when it was my turn to take a dare again, she blew my mind – she dared me to sneak into the campus outside pool.. and it was in the middle of wintertime! I’m talking already 33*F – and she didn’t just mean swimming, she wanted me to go skinny dipping. The only way I would that dare was if she went with me. And surprisingly, she didn’t put up much of a fight.. I guess we were both a little intoxicated and looking for some trouble, because off we went, two tipsy, scantily-clad college girls off to the pool. We had to jump the gates and everything, barely clearing the distance myself as we dropped, laughing, onto the lawn.
it was freezing cold – how were we gonna go skinny dipping, much less even start to take our clothes off? It hadn’t snowed yet, but.. it was cold! My nipples were perky just thinking about taking off my shirt in that weather. But my roommate went along and had the bigger balls, taking off her clothes and letting them fall like it was nothing. I followed close behind her, letting my flimsy tank top fall on the lawn and jumping right into that water. Every drop of ice-cold water covered my body in seconds, reaching parts of me that should NEVER be in water that cold! We were laughing up a storm and protesting all at the same time, covering ourselves with our arms as best as we could and wondering why we’d gone through with it. Our cold, naked bodies were freezing, but after a while, you know how it goes – the water feels warmer than the outside air. So we swam around for a little longer..

but if you want to know how this crazy night of skinny dipping ended..
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