Sketchy sex, a Halloween party, getting fucked by strangers!

Sketchy sex, a Halloween party, getting fucked by strangers! I went to an early Halloween party with my friend and I have to admit we were a bit fucked up. After smoking a lot of weed and finishing off a bottle of cheap tequila my friend and I decided we wanted to be social! So mind you everyone is in costumes… Some kinky some, to be honest, was a little cheesy! But as we walked through the crowd of the party dressed in our matching kinky kitty costumes we spotted the perfect bunch of guys.

One was dressed as the Green Arrow another was dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th. I have to admit I never thought I would find Jason the mass murder of camp green lake hot but… Damn, he looked cut under that jumpsuit. I have to admit I wanted to feel the cold steel of machete against my skin. They were also standing with a few other guys dressed as, Dead pool and a very toned Thor. I could feel my pussy getting wet as my imagination ran away from me.

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My friend and I watched these guys for a few min planning our next move. They moved outside and we found ourselves following in their direction. My friend and I lit a cigarette and then we realized they were all huddled in a circle sharing a fat joint. You know we just had to get a few hits! So being the cute little kittens that we are they had no problem sharing with us. We were going to make sure we thanked them properly. So we were all out back in this huge back yard with very few people in sight so my friend and I took that as our opportunity!

We dropped to our knees in the center of all four of them. We each started sucking and stroking two guys each. As we sucked there cocks with expert perfection, every so often we would stop and make out with each other giving the guys a hot show!

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