Sketchy sex, A Halloween party! Getting fucked PT 2!!!

Sketchy sex, A Halloween party, getting fucked by strangers PT 2! So I know you are just dying to find out what happened after part one made your cock throbbing hard!  Just a quick recap to refresh your memory, My friend and I went to a kinky Halloween party and met up with a group of guys. After smoking a fat joint with the Green Arrow, Jason from Friday the 13th, Dead pool and Thor we decided to thank them. We got on our knees and took two guys each swapping every so often. After this blog, you’re not going to need any help with Guided Masturbation!

My friend and I began making out in front of them, swapping precum as we explored each other’s mouths. So we decided to put on a little show for them! Two totally hot babes in kinky kitty costumes making out just for them. Slowly peeling our costumes off like a two-way striptease. I grabbed Thor feeling the cold metal of his armor against my perky tits. Bringing him in for a kiss I could feel his cock rock hard pressed against my thigh. So Jason, Dead pool and Green Arrow took that as an indication that it was time to get really kinky.

Sketchy sex, Hardcore gangbang!

Little did we realize we had quite the crowd watching all of us out in the backyard… So It’s not like we cared. My friend laid down on her back on the tall grass and I waited for Jason to lay next to her. As Jason adjusted himself to be comfortable on the hard ground that’s when I mounted him. I just couldn’t wait to feel the massive cock poking out of his jumpsuit. Riding Jason up and down made Thor so horny he got behind me and started fucking my ass. Because I love being double penetrated!

So my friend was getting fucked by Dead pool and Green Arrow decided to fuck her mouth. He straddled her face and was fucking her hard I would see her throat expand with every thrust. All of a sudden I feel a hot squirt of wetness inside my ass and then Thor withdrawing his cock from my now gaping ass.

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