sketchy sex with Steve

One reason I love strapon phone sex  is that of Steve. I lost all respect for my husband Steve, early in our marriage after he forced me to fuck his boss. He became the biggest spineless wuss in my eyes. So I decided to make him become like me. I pretended to want him sexually. That I wanted to get kinky with him, so I gave him a back massage. As he dozed I tied his hands and feet to the bed frame.

I got on the bed and he felt me moving between his spread legs. Then he said “what the fuck” as he detected a rubber cock nudging itself into his rectum. He felt the tip of the rubber-like phallic pressing against his ass. I said, “yeah, I’m going to fuck you like the whore you are, hope you enjoy it”!!!

At first, I just rubbed the cockhead around his rosebud. Then he felt me push against his ass as I inserted my cock into him. I could tell the pain was incredible as I opened his anus for the first time. Then the head of the dildo got past his anus and into his ass. He screamed in pain as the head of my faux cock penetrated deep into his ass as it went in further.

I had no intention of being very gentle. “Take this” as I shoved my cock half in him. I know it hurt like hell as the dildo cock went further inside. I wanted his ass throbbing in pain as his anal canal got used to being stretched open.

Sketchy sex ~ I rammed all 9 inches of my strap-on in his ass

My body thrust forward and he felt the huge fake cock go all the way inside him. It hurt like hell because he had never been sodomized. He knew he was helpless and would just have to accept being my fuck toy. The spineless wuss began to relax and actually got used to the feeling my strap-on cock. I really wanted it to hurt when I pulled it out and then rammed it back in over and over.

For the first time, he was being fucked in the ass by me, his wife. Soon I could tell the pain disappeared and pleasurable sensations took over. He began to softly moan in pleasure as my dildo went fully inside him. His balls being slapped by my dildo’s. Waves of different and new sensations overwhelmed me as I thrust into his tight ass.

It seemed like my whole body was one with my strap-on cock as it entered his virgin ass time and time again. Soon all the pain and discomfort were gone, I was intoxicated with these new feelings my body was experiencing. He let out a loud groan as he experienced his first anal orgasm.

And I started cumming; this orgasm was different and much more intense than I had ever felt with Steve. The leather straps rubbed in just the right spots. And he writhed in pleasure as he shouted

 Sketchy sex ~“Fuck me, fuck my ass Dawn, don’t you dare stop”!!

His sperm shot out onto the bed sheets. He felt wave after wave of pleasure and his whole body shuddered as never before as we fucked me. Another five minutes went by as I rammed into his throbbing rectum. When I pulled out his asshole I could see it was actually throbbing!!!

That was just the beginning. Before long Steve was wearing slutty clothes and a complete faggit for me. I shared him with our family I am the best Aunt that is why Aunt phone sex with me is truely best.

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