Who Knew that a Night of Club Hopping Would Turn Into Me Having Sizzling Hot Public Sex

I was feeling antsy. Thoughts of hot sex had both my mind and body humming with sensual, sultry energy. Even with those thoughts, sizzling hot PUBLIC sex hadn’t yet entered my mind. With more than just a touch of wildness brewing deep inside me, I made my way into the club. My clinging, nearly-not-there little black dress that I had on only fueled my lustful thoughts. I perused the Grade A prime choice beef that is plentiful and abounding – seems only the A-list got past the velvet rope.

I set my sights on a fine specimen of maleness sitting at the bar. He’s eyeing me as well, his hungry gaze slowly traveling from my stiletto “fuck-me” heels. He was taking in my long, shapely legs, and the way my hips curved into my small waist. I watched him stare at the swell of my breasts and their hard nipples and finally resting on my lips, my eyes.  I maintained eye contact as I made my way to him.

We did the smile thing, flirting shamelessly with each other.  I could feel the wetness between my legs pooling in the tiny scrap material that barely passes for panties. The need to move, to feel him against me, pushed me to take action. I grab his hand as I make my way to the edges of the dance floor, close to a darkened corner.

Erogenous thoughts of sizzling hot sex were definitely fueling my actions at this point, though hot public sex hadn’t yet made its presence known

 I started pushing up against him, grinding to the music. I felt him put his hands on my hips, and then he started to grind that now hard cock into my ass. His one hand slide around to the front of me, stroking and kneading my breast, his thumb gliding over my taut nipple. His other hand was traveling south over my belly, down to the center of my desire, squeezing and rubbing. Then my mind was flooded with all sorts of dirty thoughts.

I reached behind me and started to rub and squeeze his straining cock.  I heard a low groan in my ear, then he’s spinning me around, pushing me against a large beam. His mouth was hot and greedy on mine, and our tongues twined with each other – tasting, fueling our hunger for each other.  His hands pulled my skirt up over my ass, one hooking my leg up over his hip.

A fleeting thought about how I was living out a public sex fantasy fluttered through my mind.

Then I felt him – his cock pressing against my sex. And with one hard thrust, he’s deep inside me, pounding at my needy pussy in time with the pulsating music. Consequently, he sent me higher and higher, pounding me brutally as a crowd gathered to watch us. The exhibitionist in me reveled in the attention we were getting.

Oh yeah. This display of hot public sex had awoken that inner exhibitionist in me and some neighborhood MILF fantasies I never knew I had.

The realization sent me into a hard, long orgasm, followed by another and another. He pumped hard against me a few more times, then slammed his cock hard and deep. I could feel him explode inside my still contracting pussy, milking every last drop of semen out of his balls.

As our mutual tremors slowed along with our racing heartbeats, he kissed me on my neck, and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for the dance and the sizzling hot public sex! It’ll play it out in my mind over and over and over again.”


Gotta say, thoughts of sizzling hot public sex, ones that feed the exhibitionist in me, have gotten me all hot and dripping wet.  It leaves me primed for a hot phone sex session. How about you? We can sate each other’s needs with some mind-blowing taboo phone sex!


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