Hey, Little Bean! Are YOU a secret member of the “itty bitty clitty” club? Or do you just wish you were? Either way, you should read THIS!

My hot size queen fetish is super fun, don’t you think? Fun for ME, that is! You? Well, maybe not so much. Or wait! In reality, what I just said up there probably made your “one-inch destroyer” stand up and SALUTE, didn’t it. No, that wasn’t a question.

In fact, I’ll bet at least one hand is “down there” as you’re reading this. Trying to find your dinky winky so you can stroke it, are we? Searching for it in your panties, even? Mmmhmm, thought so! Speaking of locating that cute lil niblet, how many fingers do you need? Two? Three at best?

Or dare I ask, just your thumb and forefinger? Even worse, do you need tweezers and a magnifying glass? Oh, still not enough? That’s right, it’s definitely time to break out the high-powered microscope! Because let’s face it, your two-inch wonder will pretty much be MIA otherwise, honey. ~snicker~

As you can see, small penis humiliation is a source of pretty much endless amusement for me! Wanna read the first story I wrote about SPH? Click on the bold text to read about one of my favorite true sex stories!

After all, what’s NOT to like about my size queen fetish? First of all, you get to flick your tiny whatever-that-is in front of someone. Isn’t that exciting, Babydick? 🍆🍒

Meanwhile, while my size queen fetish friends and I get to laugh at you! Win-win sitch, right? I have a great idea! Let’s whip out a ruler or measuring tape so we can discover just how very microscopic you are.

While some of you are of average size but get off on playing it smaller, the rest of you actually have chapstick dicks. Stay still for a moment while I measure you …

On the positive side, at least we can see your little button nubbin, right? If you’re an inch long or less when you’re flaccid and no more than 3.5 inches erect, then congrats … you have a micro-peen, woohoo!

On the negative side, it means that with a penis that minuscule, you’d better hope that you have a talented tongue! Why? Because there is NO WAY you’re getting near my perfect princess pussy with that thing, that’s why!

But please don’t cry, Mr. Centimeter Peter! There’s plenty of hot fun to be had for both of us, don’t you know?

This means you can look forward to endless hours of frustrated amusement while you watch the REAL MEN fuck me with their meaty alpha male cocks! And of course, you can still participate! Just because you’re hung like a gerbil, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too!

Then again, I might just lock your tiny clitty in a teensy weensy cage so that you can’t touch it unless I feel like making you jerk off in front of my friends and me. While we snicker at you. See how entertaining you are, dicklet?

Or perhaps you’ll get to experience the extreme privilege of satisfying my pussy and asshole with your hungry tongue, hmm? If you’re VERY good, I’ll let you play fluffer and cleanup boy.

On top of that, you’ll get to indulge my size queen fetish. Bonus!!!

Since that lil thing between your legs is basically useless anyway, maybe I’ll train you to become a sissy cumdump and feature you in one of my kinky sex stories! No orgasms for you until you’ve earned it, Pee-Pee Boy!

Furthermore, all of these possibilities are just the tip of the cocklet, er, iceberg. Indeed, I could write all day about just how many ways your mini-boner could be the pinnacle of amusement for someone like me … but even better, let’s have this discussion by phone!

That way, you can moan and whimper pathetically while I have fun giggling and sneering at you. Seriously!

HEY! I didn’t say you could cum yet, shrimpy clit. I see you! Quit it!😂

That’s right. Drop that thingy and CALL ME NOW to experience the very best phone sex with absolutely NO limits!

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