Size Matters

Cut the bullshit and don’t believe the hype, size matters!  Not only does it matter, but it matters more than you could even imagine.  If you are the sorry excuse for a man that has been told time and time again that its not the size of the cock but how you use it, chances are you have a small cock.  If you are a man who knows just how disappointed a woman gets when you whip out that baby dick, then you need to call me.  Yes, I’m brutally honest, but you LOVE it!

First things first, don’t try and kid yourself.  Anything under six inches is below average.   If I can’t tell if you have a dick or a nipple…just stop.  There is NO WAY your sad baby dick will ever come in contact with my pussy!  You can beg and beg until your face is as blue as your balls, I don’t fuck men with clits.  I do, however, let clitty boys clean up my cream filled cunt after I’ve been fully satisfied by a REAL man.  You can thank me later.

Now, if you fit the above description, go get some panties.  Your weenie is much more suited to fill out a pretty little thong rather than those boxers.  I’m sure you will learn to LOVE the sensation of you itty bitty dick rubbing the material.  I know you have been enjoying the freeing feeling of all that space in your briefs, but your the only one enjoying it.

Real men have to stuff their cocks inside not only their briefs, but also a sweet tight pussy.

Lastly, see if you measure up.  Don’t be shy.  Dig through your tool box and find that measuring tape.  When I ask you how big your cock is, I expect an accurate answer.  Nothing annoys me more than a man who says, “It’s big enough.”  Bullshit!  If if were big enough you would have no shame in telling me exactly how fucking big it is.  Make your life easier and be honest with yourself or I’ll have to be honest for you.

Small cock humiliation is my ultimate favorite!   If it’s yours too then what are you waiting for?  Pick up your phone and give me a call!

The Best Phone Sex!