Size Fetish – Your Little Cock Is Too Small To Fuck  – Phone Sex

Size Fetish is a nice way of saying you are a small dicked wonder.  Actually, scratch that, you are not a wonder.  Instead, you are just a small pathetic dick.

Therefore, you will never fuck me with that pathetic cock.  But, I have some compassion, and pity, for you.  You can sit on the phone and listen as  I fuck a real man’s cock.

Furthermore, you’re a loser.  Your little fucking baby dick could never satisfy me in a thousand years.  You might as well cut it off.

Size Fetish – No wonder you have to call me.

No other woman would ever let you touch them with a ten-foot pole, let alone that mosquito bite you call a cock.

That is why you call me.  Because even over the phone, no woman but me, would put up with that baby cock.

Not to mention, you are not a real man, are you?

A real man would not have to call me to degrade them.

A real man would be here shoving his fat cock down my throat.

Moreover, a real man would not need me to mock, humiliate and degrade him.  No, he would take control and shove his big cock up my pussy and ass.

Given that, you might as well get used to being the dickless cleanup crew.

In the event that you admit your place, I will allow you to crawl between my legs and lick his hot cum out of my pussy.  And, if you are especially pathetic maybe he will let you suck his cock clean.  At least that way you will be able to experience what a real man’s cock feels like, even if only in your mouth.

At least you are not as pathetic as my bitch and dog.

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