Even though I’m only 18, I have a total size fetish!

My mom taught me from a young age that size definitely does matter. Any girl who claims it doesn’t is totally lying. I lost my virginity to a very well-hung black man thanks to my mom. She has always wanted only the best for her little girl and it wasn’t any different when it came to sex. Thanks to her I have a major size fetish. I’ll never forget the moment I woke up for a very special birthday. Daddy was away on a business trip and she came in early to wake me up.

She grabbed me by the hand and led me down the stairs into the living room. They’re waiting on the sofa was a super sexy black man. Yum! He had such a sexy, muscular body. Even though I was a virgin my mouth started watering and I couldn’t help but wonder what was under those clothes. That’s when she said happy birthday and told me that she was going to teach me all about sex. Her black friend was more than willing to assist of course.

Mommy said that there was no way her baby girl was going to lose her virginity to some little dick white boy loser. She didn’t have to tell me twice! I sat down next to him and slowly started to unwrap my birthday present. When his pants came off, my mouth dropped right open! I couldn’t believe how massive his cock was. Not only was it long but it was super thick too. I could feel my mouth start to water and my pussy starting to get wet.

Mommy taught me how to open my mouth nice and wide and suck that cock all the way down as deep as I could. It wasn’t easy! My eyes started to water and I was gagging like crazy but that didn’t stop me. Before long I was naked with my legs spread wide and mommy was guiding him into my tight teen pussy. It hurt so bad when he popped my cherry! Before long though I was loving every second of it and wanting more. Since then I’ve had a total size fetish!

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