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He has the best tongue that’s ever wiggled it’s way into my juicy pink snatch! And I know I work his big fat dick with my mouth better than any unworthy slut he’s ever had sex with! We just seem to know each other’s bodies. Just where to lick. How to lick. When to go at it hard, and when to tease each other. Sometimes we just spend hours in bed, me straddling his face, smothering him with my wet pussy while my insatiable mouth wraps around his hard taboo dick! I love to sixty-nine my brother!

Every once in a while I pull that sweet pinkness away from his mouth, making him tell me how much better his sexy little sister tastes than any other girl he’s tasted. (Not that I’m an egomaniac or anything!) Every time I hear those words come out of his mouth my pussy creams right against it, and he hungrily sucks it down. Meanwhile, my mouth is working hard to make this face-fuck a mind-blowing, almost religious experience! I always tease and cradle his balls. So big and so perfectly round! My tongue usually can’t help but leave his dick momentarily so that it can roll around those perfect balls, heavy with cum just for his little sis!

He gets SO worked up when we sixty-nine!

The ultimate climax is when we are going at it hard. His long, talented tongue fucking deeply into my pussy, his fingers teasing my swollen clit; and me downing his cock and deep-throating it all the way to his balls! His moans vibrating into me as I gag a little on his fat dick in my excitement. I’m a good little cocksucker, and I enjoy it thoroughly! He pulls his tongue out of me just long enough to encourage me to suck big brother’s cock until he pumps his cum down my throat.

That’s when my pussy clenches around his tongue. He KNOWS he has me on the edge! I pull his dick out of my mouth and tongue lash the sensitive head, teasing him for teasing me! Then I let him shove his hard cock back into my slutty, wanting mouth as his tongue drives hard into my pussy, relentlessly shoving itself in and out.

He has the strongest arms! When it gets so intense that I want to squirm away, he holds me right there on his mouth. Squealing and moaning and protesting that it’s too much – right before I go over the edge and start pouring my sweet juices all over his thirsty mouth. That pushes HIM over the edge and a moment later he’s filling my mouth with his thick cum. He’s pumping it right down the back of my throat as I suck him dry.

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