Incest With My Sister

Incest is just the least of it. It all started the night our parents were out on one of their “business vacations”. My step sister Charlie was planning on having some guy friends over and I was planning on doing the same. We were planning on having a little competition to see who could get fucked by more guys.

I could hear my sister Charlie in the room beside me. She was moaning so loud, it sounded like she was about to cum! I quietly snuck into the bathroom that separates our bedrooms, the bathroom door connected to her room was open just enough I could peak in. She was getting rammed by a massive big black cock while the guy that was fucking her was also getting fucked from behind! I had never imagined seeing this would get me so wet. Isn’t that incest?? I was so wet, so I started rubbing my pussy as I watched my Charlie get fucked.

I heard the guys that I was waiting for calling for me in my bedroom behind me. Quickly turned around and started enjoying cock for myself. There were three random guys circling around me as they all fought over my pussy. They passed me around in a circle as they took turns fucking my holes. They all enjoyed it so much they all kept filling my holes with their warm cum and still passing me around, sharing cum all over their dicks. They continued passing me around and fucking me so much each of them had filled me with their cum at least 2 or 3 times each. I was literally filled with 3 different men’s cum. I was loving it. As I watched them start to get dressed I had an idea.

It’s not like I was planning on doing anything with my sister. That’s incest.

“Hold on, don’t get dressed! Let me go see if my sister Charlie would want to switch up company!”

I rushed into the bathroom as cum dripped from my used pussy. I knocked on the door connected to her bedroom. I was hiding inside the door so she wouldn’t see me but just as my sister answered, my men barged through the door and immediately started talking to each other. All the men started mumbling and quietly talking to each other as my sister and I stood in front of them with cum dripping from our pussies. We quickly covered ourselves with our hands so each other couldn’t see.

One of my sister’s men grabbed her and forced her onto the bed. He laid her on her back and sat on her face, forcing her to eat out his ass. She was trying to fight it and scream but he had his knees on her wrists so she couldn’t move. He was enjoying it. You could tell whatever my sister was doing to his little ass hole that it must have felt good. I tried hiding my smile as I started getting wet. One of the guys noticed and grabbed me by the back of my head by my hair and pulled me to the bed. He forced my head into my Charlie’s pussy.

“You think that’s funny? How about you be a little Incest slut and eat all the different cum from your sister’s dirty pussy!”

He continued forcing my head into her pussy. I was so deep against her pussy I could barely breath. I began licking and slurping all of the cum from her dirty little pussy. I could hear my Charlie moan as I continued licking, kissing, and sucking on her clit. She had to know this was incest. But she was loving it! All of a sudden I felt a guy force his body under mine and force his cock into my pussy.. Just after his cock slammed as deep as it could inside me the man that was holding my head in my sister’s pussy rammed his big thick black cock into my tight little ass hole.

Then he released my head but I kept eating out my sister. I didn’t want to stop. All of the cum tasted so good and her pussy was so stretched from all of the cock she had just had. I moved my hands up and slid 4 fingers into her wet cum covered pussy as I continued sucking out the cum and nibbling on her swollen clit. I was getting fucked in both of my holes as I was eating out my sister. I could tell she was enjoying it more and more. She continued eating out the man sitting on her face.

I looked up at her. Her tongue was so deep in the mans ass.

He was stroking his cock while he sat on Charlie’s face. His balls kept hitting her face as he went harder and harder. He than let out a loud moan as he blew his warm thick load all over Charlie’s stomach. His cum dripped down her stomach to her pussy as I licked it off of her body. I felt both of the men fucking me fill me with their cum. They were so deep in my holes I couldn’t help myself from laying on top of Charlie. Their cum shot so deep inside me it hurt. Sister and I continued laying there filled with cum, sweaty, and our pussies stretched  as the guys all got dressed. The men had left and I managed to catch my breath. I looked up at her as I slowly moved back down to her pussy to go back for seconds.

I wanted to suck up every drop of cum from her pussy and ass. I wanted to clean my sister up really good.

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