Sister that fucks siblings

Hi, I am Dawn, the 3rd of 9 siblings but I am the sexy Sister that fucks siblings. Do you know why? It is not because of how I look. It is because I was all of my siblings’ first lover or the first to give them an orgasm.

That probably had a lot to do with how religious we were raised, sex for procreation, not pleasure. I was lucky enough that I was having orgasms before I ever had sex with anyone. So I became a sex addict young.

I have been accused of being a nympho by some narrow-minded family. But those family members are nothing compared to an orgasm. I remember the first time with each of my brothers and sisters.

Personally, I can cum from giving pleasure. My older sister is a big beautiful woman with a hairy pussy and exquisite breasts.

She married young and was satisfied with her life… She thought. LOL but then she thought her husband was a good lover too. LOL.

We had a “Sisters Night” for spa treatments, a dinner out, a couple hotel rooms for the 4 of us girls. And… Well…

What’s a girl to do?

We grew up sharing beds and… I was horny and eating pussy is a great way to cum. And Sis was too drunk to care who was pleasuring her.

The first time she came was like I had shown her the gates of heaven. LOL of course it may have been the fact we were drunk.

I still have not been able to get her to do any lady-scaping. Since that first night, well we have had a tighter bond.

We still have lots of “Sister Nights.  Come to think of it all my firsts with my sisters were of various “Sister or Girls Nights.” Now we do not even get two rooms LOL.

I am the Sexy Sister that fucks siblings so now a little about my brothers

My first time with my older brother was a real shock to me. How timid he is, almost submissive. I mean he is a GAINT man, a very aggressive all loud bragging Southern masculine man. Even his job screams

“I’ve got balls and a big dick.”

For all his bragging since he was about 16, all those tons of women he supposedly got laid with. Well, he literally had never been with a woman and was so gentle.

It was as if he was afraid, he was going to break me. Or hurt me. I tried telling him that during the best sex; you wound up leaving small unintended bruises and scratch marks.

But he was so scared. It was sweet. When he came every time for months, he would roar to the skies. Lol, I remember the first time I was sucking his cock.

He was loving everything about it.

My tongue slid against his cock. How my mouth was so hot, wet, and the suction felt. I had him put his hands on my head as I worked his cock.

When I started deep throating his cock. His hips left the ground and his hands got firm, holding me in place.

And when he came, he jerked my head down forcing every inch down my throat. I could feel his cock jumping in my throat, over and over.

Afterward, he kept apologizing. It took forever to convince him that most women want power in their men and especially during sex.

Definitely with a sister that fucks siblings

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