My Sister prefers me in Sexy Stockings

I never had a sister. I always wanted one, but alas I never got that wish. So I wanted someone to share clothes, stockings, and secrets with, a best friend with me all through my adolescence. I have always in some shape or form found “sisters” throughout my life. I guess you could say I become very close, extremely close with my best friends.

Having best friends filled that void for me. I have always looked for the girl who was as dark and as undefined in her sexuality as I am, a girl with a personality that’s hard to read, a best friend who craves sex, and doesn’t enjoy or abide by the “rules” of monogamy, and isn’t the least bit prude, an incredibly sexy girl who would be gorgeous in a ratty old T-shirt. My sisters and I share everything, including men. My best friend would not only be my twisted sister, but she would be my partner in crime.

I’ll tell you a bit about one of my current experiences with her.

She prefers I dress sexy because she does. She Always asks that I wear stockings, and I do out of respect for her. Then she says they turn her on, and I want to please her because she pleases me. They can’t be just any kind of stockings, she doesn’t care for the color nude. The stockings I wear when we play must radiate ” come fuck me”. This time, I chose white stockings (rather virginal don’t you think?) with a simple garter. I appeared before her in our playroom, awaiting our male playmate’s arrival.

” You look scrumptious,” she said with her sexy hiss, we both giggled.  My panties got wet immediately, knowing I had made the right choice.    ” We look like polar opposites,” I said, admiring her sexy skin-hugging black sheer stockings.

The doorbell rings.  ” He’s here!” she sings, and her beautiful red-bottomed heels, clack across the floor. I hear her demanding the removal of his suit at the door, followed by a loud THWACK, and a painful groan. I know how to behave around my sister. Apparently, Mr. disobedient doesn’t.

A few minutes later, my beautiful stocking clad, dripping with sex sister is leading our playmate by a necktie fashioned into a leash. Yes, she is sexy and brilliant.

” On your feet, PIG” He hesitates, and she jerks the tie. Pig chokes, and manages to his feet. ” No talking, you pathetic fuck! I want to introduce you to my sweet little sister Anna.” I giggle and wave. ” You do know how animals greet don’t you? They smell each other’s ASS, go sniff my sister’s ASS fuckface!”

I turned and presented myself for PIG to sniff my ass. I felt his face against my stockings, and she shoved his face into me deeper.

You won’t ever believe what we did to him, but he loved it because he always comes back for more…

*giggles* When worlds collide, stupid little fuck pigs are no match for my naughty sister and I.


I always wanted a sister, I’m so glad I found one.

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