Sister in law sex stories: When her husband is is too sexy to resist

Sister in law sex stories are so erotic especially when they are true. I had a drink with my best friend last night. She confessed to me that her sister’s husband is so sexy. I was surprised and then again not. He is pretty sexy. He married her sister just this past summer. The sisters looked so beautiful and sexy at the wedding. I don’t even know which one is sexier. I guess it would depend on your taste. One is older, has long legs, a really firm full round ass, and nice big tits. The younger one is shorter, but also has a nice firm ass and even bigger tits.

It’s no wonder that sister in law sex stories are not just fantasy. They really happen. I’m not sure how often but, this one took me by surprise. I’m saying that because these two sisters are tighter than most sisters. They share everything. Yes. Everything. Including … the new husband.

As I write this, the older one is pregnant. She got pregnant on her honeymoon. She is about to give birth. The husband is sure to be frustrated as sometimes sex kind of dwindles as the due date looms closer and closer.

The younger sister is staying with them. They are all very excited for the baby to be born. But, she is horny as hell. She always is. And apparently her brother in law is too. The other night they got so drunk. She was talking about how horny she was. Just her talking about it got his cock so hard. You would think that he would just have hot phone sex with someone like me. But, instead he fucked her.

She didn’t really seduce him. It ‘just happened’.

He slid his hand up her sun dress. She never wears panties. Her pussy was so wet. Slick and dripping. They couldn’t resist each other as the pregnant sister slept in the other room.  He fingered her until she orgasmed all over his hand. His dripping pre cum cock was twitching with excitement. She got up and bent over the couch. He lifted her dress and slid his throbbing cock into her wet pink pussy.

They tried to be quiet. But it was hard to hide the sound of his cock slamming inside of her wet pussy. That slapping fucking noise carried into her sister’s room. She recognized the sound of her husband’s moans. She started to get horny and wondered if he was having phone sex.

Don’t you want to know what happens next? Sisters sometimes share everything.

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