Sister In Law Sex Stories: Take Care Of My Brother Or Else I will

My sister in law sex stories blog starts just like this. I was very fortunate growing up to not have one big brother but two. One of them I see quite often, he brings his girlfriends around so that we can play our little games with them. However, my other brother is stuck at home with his vanilla wife.   Honestly, it is kind of sad seeing him cooped up all the time. So, one weekend I decided I would go ahead and drive down to where my brother lives. He would be so excited he would invite me to stay in his home where I could spend the night. Although, listening to his nagging whining wife was enough to drive me insane. And I just had no idea how my brother was living with it all the time.

We talked a little before the wife made him go to bed. Sure, she did have a reason to be jealous of me in all reality. However, I was her husband’s sister. Not to mention, my brother was reported to me that his nagging bitch of a wife wasn’t even tending to his dick needs. My brother respected his wife and went to bed with her however I couldn’t shake the feeling that my brother was living unsatisfied.

Sister In Law Sex Stories: Take Care Of My Brother Or Else I will!

So, I waited for my brother and his wife to fall fast asleep and I snuck into their room crawling across the floor. Over at my brother’s side and I watched as the two of them slept. Sliding one hand over my brother’s mouth I slipped the other under the covers grabbing hold of his boner in his boxers.
He opened his eyes looking at me first in terror, but then in relief.  I bit my lip watching how much he was enjoying it, the two of us had to stay so quiet. I couldn’t help myself but roll on top of my brother sliding his stiff hard woody inside of my tight teen cunt. He covered my mouth as I slowly moved up and down his cock trying not to wake his miserable wife. It was so hot trying to say so quietly as the two of us pleasuring each other. And I did what I had to do to milk every last drop out of my brother’s hungry rod. He works so hard, and of course, he deserved it. What kind of a brother wouldn’t want to fill up their sisters hot teen puss?