We are wicked and evil Sister Giantess Witches. Together we spend our time making sure nasty little boys pay the price for being assholes. Especially panty boys that are rude and disrespectful to us. Continually talking over us and bother us when they know they shouldn’t.

For instance, Jackson thinks he is worthy of our time and he is not. He is a pathetic little sissy boy. He is knocking on our door without permission. My sister is working on a potion a spell that will shrink him down and make him very tiny.

Once he is tiny like that we will have a “wishbone” pulling contest to see who gets which parts of his body. Then, we are grinding him up and putting him into our food for a meal with our family.

As sister giantess witches we love destroying troublesome little men.

Jackson is just one of the many men that are coming across our doorstep. Not all of them meet the fate he did but most of them do. Every once and a while one is worthy of us. For them, we have a spell that makes them our size so we can play naughty games with them.

Sister and I love giving them giant dicks that will stretch our beautiful pussies. Oh, we are not ugly witches. Get that image out of your mind. We are beautiful goddess witches that can woo men to do anything we wish.

That is why pathetic men like Jackson end up at our door as well. Our powers are so strong that they pull in any man that gets too close to our vicinity. Young Jackson is unable to resist the pull of us but we don’t enjoy silly bitches like him.

Well, we enjoy them for dinner!

Truth is, a sissy makes the best ground meat, ever! Tender and moist and full of flavor! All these pathetic men keep our freezer full of food and our family fed. Of course, sister and I enjoy the games with their tiny bodies as well.

Pulling them apart limb by limb as they scream and beg us to stop. Or, if they are like Jackson, still talking back to the bitter end. He was a real pain in our ass. Maybe that is why we enjoy his pain so much.

I also love spending time providing Fetish Phone Sex. So many of my callers love to play naughty games with me. As a powerful witch, I am gifted at The Art of Seduction and have a lot of requests from men for my sensual play.

Everything is welcome to me!

Sister and I may be mean and wicked but we are also kinky and sensual when it matters. As sister giantess witches, we have so many skills that allow us to make men bow down to our feet and worship us. We love having little subs that do our bidding.

Trust me we have many that are our slaves. Of course, we also love having the men we make big around. Those giant cocks come in handy on a horny day. Which guy are you? The pathetic panty-boy or the man we make big?

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